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  • Magoros

    _A long dead system, its heart still lets off weak flickering pulses of life as if clinging to former glories._ -Observations from the Battlefleet Calixis vessel _Inexorable Revelation_ h2. Administratum Information *Classification*: Dead System * …

  • Egarian Dominion

    h3. Backstory The Egarian Dominion is a region of space in [[Winterscale's Realm]] where ruins of the long-dead [[Egarian]] civilization can be found. A cluster of several systems boasting hundreds of cataloged stellar bodies, the four primary "Systems …

  • The Xenos Hunt on Melbethe

    h3. Type: Lesser Endeavour h4. Goal: _Secure breeding pairs of [[:silent-death | a particular Xenos]] from the [[Melbethe | Melbethe]] system._

    h4. *_Objective 1_*: Successfully navigate to Melbethe (*_Exploration_*) * Result: *Success*: …

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