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  • Ragged Worlds


    The Ragged Worlds lie on the Spinwards edge of the Koronus Expanse, right next to the Screaming Vortex. These planets were among the first charted by the Imperium, as the light of their systems could just be seen through the massive

  • Redemption

    It is the Ecclesiarchys purview, and theirs alone, to interpret the word of the God-Emperor. Any teachings other than those sanctioned by the Ecclesiarchy are to be considered heresy. Excerpt from Ecclesiarchy Memorandum

  • Aubray's Anvil

    You see a place like this and you wonder. You wonder how it could fail. What forces could pull down a people who possessed technology like this? What blasphemy, what heresy could they have perpetrated to make the God-Emperor turn His loving eye from

  • Gallant

    The spirits of the dead cry here, not processing that their runtime has ended. Explorator Morag Kazon of the Sacred Parity

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