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  • Dross

    A more backward place than Dross I have yet to find. Tarak Hippal, Pilgrim of the Red Walk

    Administratum Information

    Classification: Frontier System

  • Vaporious

    Water is the lifeblood of any world, it flows through the veins of the earth feeding the righteous and drowning the wicked. So it has always been, so it will always be. Kalmera Vors, Keeper of the Winds of Atar


  • Zayth

    Nothing makes profit like the blood of men. Sabal Eyth, Voidmaster of the Far Horizon

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    Classification: War System

  • Raakata

    The spirits of the dead cry here, not processing that their runtime has ended. Explorator Morag Kazon of the Sacred Parity

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    Classification: Mining System

  • Sabrine

    Just because we can visit a world doesnt mean theres any reason to. If we made it our mission to talk to every lost soul in the Expanse wed probably never get anywhere. Rogue Trader Rudolf Krauss

  • Naduesh

    Those cities were built by the Gods, before the coming of my people. A great war was fought between them and the demons, and the souls of our Gods left the city to fight the demon. Were waiting for the day they find their way home.

  • Aguisa

    Death is a realm into which we will all pass in time. Ancient Terran Proverb

    Administratum Information

    Classification: Cemetary System

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