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  • Corpse-Fortune

    Its said that anyone prepared to dig through the bodies of this long-dead Empire will find treasures beyond their wildest dreams. Its also said that you need to pry those treasures out of their original inhabitants

  • False Hope

    Its promised me everything Ive ever wanted, and even though I know its lies and deceit, theres a little voice in my head whispering What if. At least I pray its in my head.
    -Void Master

  • Aubray's Anvil

    You see a place like this and you wonder. You wonder how it could fail. What forces could pull down a people who possessed technology like this? What blasphemy, what heresy could they have perpetrated to make the God-Emperor turn His loving eye from

  • Foulstone

    Youre jumping at ghosts, this system is as empty and dull as its planets Last recorded words of Rogue Trader Kai Yin

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