Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty

Battle over Damaris

The Action on 281.824.M41 in the Damaris System
Battle Against Orks Above Damaris in Void Defense Sector 2
Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification: bEJKxhKPfo-V9zZ-MZZD-mlu-m5xWTpLmVqS


It was decided by Lord Hos, that all available forces of the Hos Dynasty would move to help the nearby planet of Damaris fend off the Orkish invasion. The Hos Dynasty set for Damaris with the In Purgatio Lumen, The Emperor’s Bounty, and In Obscurum Veritas. It appeared that the fleet was to set out for Damaris individually, and that the Bounty’s and the Veritas’s Navigators were skillfully chosen by my house, besting me in attempting to get to Damaris first.

There was much pomp and circumstance which introduced Lord Hos to the planet. We meet the Governor, the Void Commander and General of Damaris Planetary Defense Forces. During out time there we saw how dysfunctional the planetary defense was. It was amazing that the Orks had not overrun the planet considering the Governor was using Obscura and drinking all the time.

It was during this time we meet the Warrant Holder for Damaris, Lady Orleans. The Governor had also gained the help of Rogue Trader Blitz and his cruiser The Ordained Destiny and the two Merciless Blades. In addition we had the support of a detached Imperial Light Cruiser Aegis under Captain Sylvia Locke.

Lord Hos and Planetary Admiral Reynolds along with Captain Locke and Captain Blitz worked on dividing zones of control over Damaris. Forces were to be divided in order to cover all approaches to the planet of Damaris. After how the forces dispositions were to be distributed it was time for a break and a ball. It was unfortunate then that the ball was ruined when Long Rage Scanning detected Orkish Roks and ships moving on Damaris.

The Battle

Most of the Inner Council (minus Felicis) moved onto the In Purgatio Lumen, which was stationed in the 2nd Damaris Defensive Sector along with two Damaris Defense Force Frigates. There opposing forces were two Orkish Roks. They were being guided into the atmosphere of Damaris by an Orkish cruiser and two Orkish frigates. Seeing as how this was not the first time the Hos Dynasty had faced Orks, Lord Hos took to the speakers and commanded “The vile Orks would be put down and humanity on Damaris would be saved.”

It was then that the SDF Frigate IV and SDF Frigate V were moving towards the Orkish frigates which were charging directly towards the Lumen. In the coming hours a number of shots were exchanged between the Lumen and the DDF vessels and the Orkish frigates. A knife fight in space was developed. The Lumen swirling to gain better firing angles on the Xenos vessels. The DDF vessels distracting the Orkish frigates. One Orkish frigate was rendered into a flaming pile of wreckage after attempting to ram one of the DDF vessels. It was unfortunate then that one of the DDF V had to withdraw for the battle due to extensive damage.

It was at this point that Astropath Eckhart was able to by stretching his psychic powers cause massive fires on the Orkish cruiser. These fires incinerated tens of thousands of Orks. Most importantly it lead to the temporary disabling of Orkish broadsides. It was during these critical minutes that the Lumen and DDF Frigate IV let broadsides against the rears of the sides of the Orkish cruiser and Orkish frigate. Within an hour, although the Orks had fixed there ridiculous weapons it was too late, the mighty lance of the In Purgatio Lumen had destroyed the Orkish cruiser into a piece of metal floating through space. The Orkish frigate did not fare any better. It was during this fight though the Lumen was damaged. In addition DDF IV was damage so severely that it too was forced to withdraw.

That left the Lumen to deal with two Orkish rocs. It was decided by Lord Hos to deal with the closest one. Astropath Eckhart attempted to use his enormous psychic powers to put up a barrier to protect the Lumen from fire of the roc. It was then that Lord Hos unleashed the full broadside against the roc for a full 90 Standard Terran Minutes, lance after lance, and broadside followed broadside until finally the first Orkish roc fell into smaller chunks that would evaporate whatever was left upon getting to the atmosphere of Damaris.

It was then that the Lumen had to traverse a large amount of space, 17 Void Units to be exact, to get into the point that we could fire upon the second roc. As the Navigator I was able to concentrate and using my knowledge of the warp and concentration carefully channel the power of warp from the warp drive into the regular plasma engines. It allowed us to at about 0.0003c . Very impressive, no doubt the Orks were surprised at our ability to get to them. Our concentrated firing then obliterated an Ork roc as it entered the atmosphere of Damaris. The pieces of the Rok burning into ash and killing whatever terrible Xenos were alive inside the hollowed out asteroid.

After Action

Although Lord Hos was successful in destroying all Orkish attackers it did come at a great cost. We had lost about 36,000 in crew. In addition the DDF ships together lost around 44,000 hands.

However the Orks lost two frigates it is estimated that around 40,000 greenskins were killed. The Orkish cruiser it was estimated to have 80,000 Orks meet there death. In addition it is believed that around 2 million Orks died from the disintegration of the two Orkish rocks.

Although Lord Hos had defended his sector, other areas the Orks were able to land rocs on the surface, simply by slipping through the cracks in the defensive perimeter over Damaris. These Orks will have to be dealt with at a later date.


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