Xenos Clone-Field

If you need to look like an Ork - for some reason - then you should use this


Findecano Calefas successfully deceived the Orks in the Grace system into thinking he was their dead Warboss Toofgutz for months, if not years, through the use of this deceptive piece of apparently Eldar technology. Like other Clone-Fields of its type, when active it projects a ghostly duplicate of the wearer in a close, but not exact, position nearby. It has a secondary feature though, where the wearer will have its entire body replaced by the projection of a massive Ork – presumably a likeness of the dead Toofgutz – which will then move and act similar to the wearer.

When functioning as a Clone-Field, it has the following bonuses

  • User may re-roll one Dodge test per round
  • User gains one additional Dodge reaction per round.
  • User gains Unnatural Agility x2 (or increases its Unnatural Agility by 1) for the purposes of Dodging

When functioning as an Ork-Field, it gains the following bonuses

  • Against wearers that have not learned the secret of the Ork-Field, all hits to the Head or Arms are automatic misses
  • Any Ballistic or Weapon skill Test against the user takes a -10 penalty
  • Any successful hit has a 20% miss chance.

Xenos Clone-Field

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