Orkish Mega-Armour

Orkish Armour that was "crafted" for members of the Hos Dynasty


Orkish Mega-Armour is typically worn only by the toughest of the Orks in la warband, who are usually have the least need for the amazing protection of this armour. On an Ork it is surprisingly non-restrictive and greatly augments its wearers already impressive strength. This armour was crafted by Orkifex at the request of Arch-Militant Zacharya Caine.

Though the armour was made tailor made for humans rather than an Ork nob, it still does not “fit” a human wearer perfectly, and imposes a number of restrictions that would not be present on an Ork. Even with these problems though, it is still amazingly protective for its rarer.

  • Type: Armour
  • Armour Rating: 14 (Body), 10 (Arms/Legs), 8 (Head)
  • Bonuses: Mega-Armour includes a number of bonuses to its wearer
    • Increase its wearer’s Strength rating by 20.
    • Decrease wearer’s Agility by 15
    • Increase your size to Hulking
    • You are unable to Dodge in this armour
  • Penalties: Since you are not an Ork, there are additional penalties for wearing Mega-Armour
    • You suffer a – 10 penalty to all WS tests while wearing this armour.
    • You are unable to Sprint in this armour.
    • You must succeed on a Challenging (+ 0) Toughness Test to Run in this armour. Repeat this test every 10 Rounds.
    • Medicae tests cannot be performed on the wearer of this armour.

Orkish Mega-Armour

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