Loot from the Dagger of Fate

The Dagger of Fate had many treasures onboard. Then they went elsewhere.



After defeating Findecano Calefas, quite a lot of treasure was on board the station. It was duly claimed by the Hos Dynasty.


  • Agonisher Lash – A Best-Craftsmanship whip wielded by Calefas. Was very good at slicing up Squigs.
  • Blast Pistol – A high powered weapon wielded by Calefas that felled Jequin Hos in combat.
  • Clone Field – Configured to project the image of a giant Orkish Warboss over the user. Counts as a Clone Field that also grants enemies a -20 penalty on any Weapon or Ballistic Skill Test made to hit the wielder.
  • Hydra Gauntlets – A set of Hydra Gauntlets wielded by Tinuviel.
  • Objects D’art – A number of rare artifacts presumably looted from Grace.
  • Orkish Armoury – Thousands upon thousands of Orkish guns and melee weapons. These are all sterling examples of Orkish weaponry, which means they are essentially useless in human hands.
  • Plasma Grenades – Three Eldar Plasma Grenades, slightly covered in Squig drool.
  • Splinter Pistols – Six Splinter pistols recovered from the attacking Wyches, each with two reloads.
  • Stasis Casket – A stasis casket of ancient design holding tentatively identified by Navigator Maturinus as resembling Rogue Trader Aspyce Chordea.
  • Unknown Drugs – A set of unknown drugs, tentatively identified as combat drugs.
  • Wych Knives – Two sets of paired Wych Knives that were wielded in combat.

Loot from the Dagger of Fate

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