Hos Dynasty Mervoech Assault Pattern

Dynasty Lasgun that excels at suppressing and close range combat

weapon (ranged)


  • Type: RangedWeapon
  • Quality: Common
  • *RoF: S/-/5
  • Damage: 1d10 + 3
  • Penetration: 0 (-4 to any Penetration at range above Short)
  • Clip: 120 (2 chambers each of 60)
  • Reload: 2 Full Rounds
  • Traits: Reliable
  • Extras: Counts as a Mono-Spear in Close Combat


  • 3 reloads of “Standard” las cliips. This will only cover one 60 chamber piece
  • 3 reloads of Hot-Shot clips.
  • Standard Hos Dynasty loadout is to go into battle with one standard clip and 1 Hot Shot to switch over for close range.


The Hos Dynasty pattern (as governed by rules in Hammer of the Emperor) excels at close range combat. Platoons will often fire at Full Auto to suppress enemies, and then burn them away when they close with their Hot Shots.

  • Positive Quality: Piercing
    • This weapon gains Felling (2) when fired at Short Range. This weapon will then ignore 2 levels of Unnatural Toughness
  • Negative Quality: Diffuse Spread
    • This weapon applys a -4 modifier to the weapon’s Penetration when it is fire at targets outside of Short Range.

Hos Dynasty Mervoech Assault Pattern

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