Heltor Honour Blade

Archeotech Axe from a long dead Empire. It's also a gun!

weapon (melee)

Recovered from the vaults Emperor’s Bounty, there is a set of a dozen exquisitely crafted power axes from the human world of Heltor. This world was destroyed during the Angevin Crusade by the Bounty for failing to accept the Emperor.

Expertly wrought, these axes also contain an integrated Hellgun, with a modified power cell receptacle in the hilt so that it can be recharged as per a normal weapon.

Weapon Statistics

As Power Axe: Best Quality Loi-Pattern Power Axe.
Damage: 1d10 + 8 Penetration 9.
Qualities: +10 to WS tests (Best Quality), Unbalanced, Power Field

As Hellgun: Best Quality Lucius-Pattern Hellgun.
Damage: 1d10 + 4E Penetration 1.
Rate of Fire: S/4/- with Range 50m
Clip: 20 with Reload Full
Qualities: Reliable. Never Jams (Best Quality)

Heltor Honour Blade

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