Halo Barges

When resupplying, working out the logistics is quite tiresome.


Quantity: 4 Halo Barges, designed to transport Loot.


Hull: Halo Barge
Type: Spacecraft
Tactical Speed: 20m / 9 AU
Cruising Speed: 1,400kph / 4 VU in space
Maneuverability: -20
Structural Integrity: 40
Size: Massive
Armor: Front 28; Side 24; Rear 24
Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot (optional)
Carry Capacity: 40 people, 40 metric tonnes of cargo


  • None (Where is the Grim Darkness?)

Special Rules

Spacecraft: This vehicle may exit the atmosphere, but may not enter the Warp. While in the atmosphere, it may operate as a flyer or skimmer at the pilot’s discretion.


Halo Barges are meant to haul cargo in and out of the player’s vessel either in void or planetside. Cumbersome and easy targets, their only real value is they do exactly what they are specified to do, and nothing else.

If you start trying to get fancy with these things, I will start thinking of ways for this beautiful, invisible system to go wrong.

Halo Barges

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