Emperor's Bounty Manifest

This is a small list of goods found from within the Emperor's Bounty



The Emperor’s Bounty was a Star Galleon filled to the brim with treasures taken possibly from decades of crusading. Explorator Artifex Felicis was able to salvage a ship’s manifest that will be instrumental in cataloguing the goods. What follows is an abridged list of the various goods recovered. The bulk of this treasure has been planned to be sold at the Obsidian Emporium

Recovered Equipment

  • Almanac Astrae Divinitus – This interactive and shifting diorama of spheres can be utilized by a Navigator to improve both Realspace and Immaterium travel.
  • Augmetic Man – A linked set of beautiful golden Augmetics that are meant to be installed as a set and almost completely replace a human body. Installed into Zacharya Caine.
  • Benetek’s Device – A small bronze worm, that was “assigned” to Navigator Benetek: “Removed” by the Dynasty.
  • Book of Imperial Graces – This ancient book dates back to the Crusade and is vastly influential in the Calixis Sector and beyond. It appears to have had its initial verses penned by Saint Drusus himself. – Taken by the Dynasty.
  • Carnelian Sieve-Stones – One tonne of Sieve Stones from Carnelia, which have been classified as having the unique property of purifying any water that is filtered through them. Prized by nobility who claim to be able to identify the unique taste.
  • Cataclysmus Devices – This set of 6 Cataclysmus devices are personal-sized, miniature atomic weapons. These weapons are taken and Gene-Locked to Maturinus of Navis Nobilite House Pazzano.
  • Cataphract Armour – This armour belongs to the elite Myrmidon guard of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and has never been sold on the open market. Returned to the Mechanicus by Jequin Hos
  • Ceramic Songbirds – Several crates contain delicately ornamental songbirds that are exquisitely crafted inside of delicate, finely-wrought cages. There is no planet of origin for these birds.
  • Crusade Combat Sevitor – This exquisite combat servitor is sealed inside of a stasis casket, and appears incredibly deadly.
  • Darloth Chain Cannon – This heavily modified Heavy Stubber is a vast improvement over the standard model, and features a number of upgrades that are not generally STC-compliant.
  • Ever-burning Inferno Pistol – This ivory and obsidian pistol has a small flame constantly flickering at its end.
  • Hand of Retribution – A concealable ring and ornamental jewelery that when activated sprouts a beautiful, flaming Power Sword.
  • Hell Rifle – A weapon that appears to blend Eldar and Human technology, it is a cross between an Autogun and a Splinter Rifle that does not appear to require ammunition.
  • Heltor Honour Blades – A matched set of exquisitely crafted power axes that have a built in Hellgun capability through processes that are not standard in the Adeptus Mechanicus. – Taken by the Dynasty
  • Floral Samples – A collection of pressed plants, alongside a quantity of seeds and brief notes on the atmosphere in which they were found.
  • Ghost Voice Auspex – A sensory device that appears to function on its own, alerting the wearer to nearby danger.
  • Mechanicus Probes – These ancient system probes appear to date back from the Dark Age of Technology, perhaps earlier.
  • Mineral Storage Casks – These storage casks contain vast quantities of pure, refined ores precious to the Imperium, stored in climate-controlled casks as liquid.
  • Occlusive Vault – A statue of an unknown chapter of Space Marines raising the Aquila, this is actually a hard light forcefield box used exclusively by smugglers.
  • Omnissiah Rod – This versatile weapon doubles badge of office in the Adeptus Mechanicus and indicates a seniority that is second to none. Returned to the Adeptus Mechanicus (reluctantly) by Artifex Felicis
  • Pottery – There’s quite a lot of urns and vases, composed of clay from dozens of worlds. Great care was taken to ensure these remained undamaged, and they are of exceptional quality.
  • Precious Gems – You don’t know what kind of massive treasure horde WOULDN’T have tonnes of raw gems from across the galaxy. Certainly not one you’d want to plunder. Quite a few have been given out as rewards to the crew or taken as “paperweights”
  • Retribution Bolt Shell Case – This strange device appears to “Upgrade” a standard Bolt Shell placed inside to deal secondary explosive damage in combat.
  • Silver Anathema Case – Through an unknown process this contraption converts sufficient raw material into a vial of Silver Anathema.
  • Skitarii Cyber Weapons – A matched set of Skitarii arms, they possess two different attack modes, and are of the utmost quality.
  • Stalker Carapace – This obsidian forged armour has clearly been made by Xenos hands, and renders the wearer all but invisible in shadowed or dark areas.
  • Targeting Matrix – This Cogitator upgrade for a vessel improves its combat capabilities. Installed by Astropath Eckhart.
  • Void Weave Cloak – A set of 35 cloaks woven from an unknown Xenos beast, that when worn over the body provide both resistance and protection against intense heat.
  • Warp Sextant – An upgrade to the Navigation Spire to aid in the long journeys between the stars.
  • Xeno-Mesh Combat Cloak – A set of 500 combat cloaks made from a reflective material that helps their wearer blend into their surroundings.
  • Xenos Weapons – These weapons are all of primitive construction, and are forged of many different types of materials, none of which appear to require any high level of technology. All of these implements are meant to be handled by creatures that have a different physiology than humans.

Emperor's Bounty Manifest

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