Eldar Dire Sword

An Eldar Weapon that turned out to be a trap, but has been reforged


Weapon Qualities

  • Type: Melee Weapon
  • Quality: Best
  • Damage: 1d10 + 1 E
  • Penetration: 6
  • Traits: Balanced

Special Abilities

  • On a successful hit, the enemy must make a *Challenging (+ 0) Willpower Test or suffer an additional 2d10 damage, not reduced by Armour or Toughness.
  • Ignores any psychic or force fields protecting the target.
  • Although not technically a Power Weapon, it is treated as such so it cannot be sundered by enemy Power Weapons.

Originally “gifted” to Jequin Hos by the Eldar Autarch Quai Hon’Os of Craftworld Kaelor. The blade was ostensibly given as a promise by the Eldar that he would return for it and reclaim it from the Rogue Trader at a later date. Though this may be true, the blade was also rigged to fail the first time the Rogue Trader used it, and it shattered in combat with Warboss SnokGritz.

The blade was since reforged by the Jokaero and presented to the Rogue Trader, where he has also promised to return it to the Eldar who tricked him.

Eldar Dire Sword

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