Eckhart's Power Armour

A set of Stryxis Power Armour gifted to Eckhart as payment



The enigmatic Stryxis gifted this set of high-quality power armour to Astropath Eckhart in exchange for services rendered. Although superficially similar to Power Armour, there are subtle differences in this armour that identifies its xenos manufacture. Anyone in a position to observe Eckhart long enough will also realise its greatest benefit – it appears to possess some sort of self-repair ability, and does not require any sort of power source.

Item Information

  • Item Type: Light Power Armour
  • Origin: Xenos Manufacture
  • Quality: Normal
  • Description: Peerless Elegence
  • Quirk: Dogged
  • Special Qualities
    • AP: 8 (Include bonus from Peereless Elegance.
    • Does not require repair or Upkeep tests
    • Provides no bonus to Strength, but inflicts no bonus to Concealment or Move Silently Tests
    • Does not require a power source.

Artwork taken from here.

Eckhart's Power Armour

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