Chaos Hauberk

Chaos Chain Mail that might save your life, but will endanger your soul


Item Information

  • Item Type: Hauberk
  • Origin: Cursed Artifact
  • Quality: Poor
  • Description: Bloodlust
  • Quirk: Vanishing
  • Special Qualities
    • AP: 3 Body – Stacks with other Armour worn.
    • When attacking, the wearer may suffer 1d5 damage unreduced by Armour or Toughness to inflict twice that damage to the enemy.
    • This item is difficult to detect when worn, and any search tests to find it suffer a – 10 penalty.
    • Crazy heretical y’all.

A once prized example of a lost culture’s history, it was irrecoverably damaged by a tainted ritual that killed the crew of the vessel it was on. Despite, or perhaps due to, the rituals conducted, it still remains somewhat effective as a piece of armour.

The danger it poses to ones soul for relying on it is currently unceratin.

Chaos Hauberk

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