Axe of Mahr

Chaos Champion's Axe

weapon (melee)
  • Type: Melee Weapon
  • Quality: Best
  • Damage: 1d10 + 7 Pen 7 E
  • Traits: Power Field, Unwieldy, Tearing
  • Special Abilities: Saturated by its former wielder’s anger, when held it will force a person to give into their rage and cannot be released until they slay another living creature or are damaged. Since being purified by the Cult of the Divine Flame and Deacon Yauz, this effect has been suppressed, but has not been completely banished.
    • Bloodlust: As a Free Action, the wielder can immediately enter a state equivalent to Frenzy. While frenzied increase this weapon’s damage and penetration by 4.
    • Lucky: While held, the wielder gains a free Fate Point that can be spent, but not burned.

Held by Chaos Champion Belak Mahr, this axe would likely have been used to sacrifice members of the Cult of the Divine Flame to the Runious Powers. Aboard the Rending of the Innocent he commanded his forces to lie in ambush at The Battleground and capture those for sacrifice.

The Axe was claimed by the Explorers during the Action of 007.826.M41 at the Battleground when Astropath Eckhart and the 5th Hossian Regiment “Death Bastards” slew Belak Mahr and claimed the Axe for their own.

The Axe itself would be a sterling example of Imperial Craftsmanship had it not been corrupted by Chaos powers. Deep black along the hilt with golden gilding along the edge of the blade, it would be an elegant had there not been a crude eight-pointed star carved on the two faces of the axe. Attempts to remove this defacement have thus far been unsuccessful, although it was noted that originally the star glowed brighter prior to its consecration.

Axe of Mahr

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