Augmetic Man

The Augmetic Man. A complete overhaul of the human body.


These golden inlaid items are a series of linked Augmetic implants that must function as a set, or else they will not completely function. In addition, they prevent the installation of any further augmetic upgrades. However their craftsmanship and function are so exquisite that few mind this restriction.

Arch-Militant Zacharya Caine has successfully been implanted with these systems.

Summary of Augmentations

Bionic Arms – Gain a +10 to any test requiring delicate sleight of hand or Strength tests using your arms. Increase your Toughness Bonus when hit in the arm by 2. Each arm has a different integrated weapon.
  • Right Arm: Phased Plasma Rifle.
    • Damage: 2d10 + 2 Energy.
    • Penetration: 8
    • Range: 120 Meters
    • Rate of Fire: S/2/4
    • Clip: Unlimited
    • Special Qualities
      • Best Quality: Cannot Jam or Overheat
      • Maximal: Add an extra die of damage and 2 penetration (Now 3d10 Pen 6), but the weapon gains Recharge (cannot fire for one round)
      • Accurate: When using an Aim action, gain an extra + 10 bonus to firing. If firing on single shot, every 2 degrees of success adds an extra die of damage (maximum two extra dice).
      • Tearing: When rolling damage, roll an extra die and discard the lowest.
  • Left Arm: Best-Quality Coil-Whip
    • Damage: 1d10 + 6 Energy
    • Penetration: 5
    • Range: Melee
    • Special Qualities
      • Best Quality: +10 to Hit
      • Flexible: Cannot be parried
      • Shocking: Requires a Toughness test from enemies that are hit or they are stunned (no reduction for armour)
      • Power Field: When parrying a melee attack made by a weapon that does not have this quality, there is a 75% chance of destroying the weapon.
      • Lightning Fast: This weapon is treated as having Lightning Attack.
Bionic Legs – Gain the Sprint talent and +20 to any tests when jumping or leaping. Increase your Toughness bonus when hit in the leg by 2. Each leg has a different integrated weapon. Both legs are also treated as having mag-locks for the purposes of depressurization.
  • Right Leg: Grenade Launcher (Voss Pattern)
    • Damage: As per loaded Grenade
    • Range: 60 Meters
    • Clip: 6 Grenades
    • Rate of Fire: S/-/-
    • Qualities
      • Reliable: Will only jam on a roll of 99+, and even then roll 1d10 and unless you roll a 9 it is not jammed)
      • Integrated: On Jam, gain a level of fatigue instead of the normal “Jam” abilities.
      • Storm: Double the rate of fire from this weapon
  • Left Leg Melta-Cutter
    • Damage: 3d10 + 8 Energy
    • Penetration: 13
    • Range: 5 Meters
    • Rate of Fire: S/-/-
    • Clip: 10
    • Special Qualities
      • Scatter: If fired at Point Blank range, every 2 degrees of success is another hit. Double all Armour at Long or Extreme range
      • Inaccurate: No benefit to Aiming
      • Tool: -20 to Ballistic Skill if used in combat.
      • Integrated: If it were to jam, the user gains 1 level of Fatigue instead
  • Left Eye: Best Quality Augur Array
    • You gain +20 to Awareness, Scrutiny or Lip Reading tests out to 50 meters, and can re-roll any failed Perception Test.
    • This eye is treated as having a full photo-visor and Dark Sight.
    • This eye is always treated as being an active Augur with the “Tech-Use” scanning upgrade activated.
  • Right Eye: Memorance Implant
    • You have an overlay that can instantly call up any event you have witnessed. You gain a +10 to any situation in which you can convince me being able to recall information would be useful
    • You gain the Total Recall Talent.
  • Best Quality Bionic Respiratory System
    • +20 to Toughness Tests to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons
    • Suffer no damage from toxic gases or atmospheric contamination.
    • Your blood will remain oxygenated even if your own respiratory system fails (although you still need air)
  • Best Quality Bionic Heart
    • Gain +1 AP to the body (stacks with Armour)
    • Gain the Sprint Talent.
  • Best Quality Cranial Armour
    • Gain +2 AP to the Head (stacks with Armour)
  • Best Quality Cybernetic Senses (Ears)
    • Gain the Heightened Senses (Hearing) test
    • You have an internal micro-bead that can be attuned to any frequency you wish.
  • Best Quality Subskin Armour
    • Gain +2 AP to all Armour in the Arms, Body and Legs locations (stacks with worn armour).
  • Voidskin
    • Ignore the effects of Void exposure for an additional 1d10 + 3 Rounds.
  • Best Quality Backbone
    • Gain the Bulging Biceps and the Iron Jaw Talents
    • Add +2 bonus to damage for all unarmed attacks.
  • Best Quality Gastral Bionics
    • You can eat ANYTHING organic, though it does not protect against flavours, textures, spines, spikes or splinters.
    • You also ignore any ingested toxic foodstuffs or poisons.
  • Vitae Supplement
    • You gain the Autosanguine talent
    • You have a 50% chance of not dying from blood loss.
    • You can survive for 12 hours in void conditions.
  • Skinplant
    • Your body can emit a light like a lamplight, turning you into a source of illumination.
    • By concentrating for 1d10 minutes, you may change the appearance of your Skin to any colour or reasonable texture, granting you a +10 bonus on Disguise checks.

Augmetic Man

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