Zacharya Caine

Also known as "The Guy With Wounds"


Career: Arch-Militant
Alternate Ranks: Manhunter (Rank 1), Augmeticist (Rank 2)

Movement Carrying/Lifting/PushingCorruption Insanity Wounds Fate Points
3/6/9/18 225kg/450kg/900kg1 13 16 4

EXP Spent: 15,400
EXP Earned: 15,400

Origin Path
  • Home World: Death World
  • Birthright: Fringe Survivor (Pit Fighter)
  • Lure of the Void: Hunter (Xenos Hunter)
  • Trials and Travails: The Hand of War
  • Motivation: Exhilaration (The Thrill of War)
  • Lineage: Of Extensive Means (Far-Reaching Contacts


Awareness +20(Per) Command (Fel) C. Lore War (Int)
Dodge +20 (Ag) Inquiry +10 (Fel) Interrogate +10 (WP)
Intimidate +20 (Str) S. Lore Tactica Imperium (Int) Secret Tongue Military (Int)
S. Language Low Gothic (Int) Scrutiny (Per) Survival (Int)
Tech-Use (Int) Tracking + 10 (Int)


Basic Weapon Training (Universal) Combat Master Disturbing Voice
Hatred (Chaos Maurauders) Jaded Leap Up
Lightning Attack Marksman Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Mimic Nerves of Steel Peer (Administratum)
Peer (Feral Worlders) Peer (The Insane) Physical Perfection (x3)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal) Prosanguine Quick Draw
Resistance (Fear) Resistance (Poisons) Rival (Underworld)
Sound Constitution (x2) Sprint Takedown
Thrown Weapon Training (Universal) True Grit

Bolt-Shell Keepsake
Bounty Slate
Void Suit

Best-Craftsmanship Hunting Rifle
Good-Craftsmanship Groxwhip
“Absolution” Sniper Rifle
Enforcer Light Carapace
The Augmetic Man


  • Favoured Weapon: When wielding Basic Weapons, he gains +10 to hit +2 to damage, and +2 to Initiative.
  • Paranoid: Suffers a -10 Penalty to all Interaction Skill Tests made in a Formal surrounding.
  • Survivor: +10 to any test resisting Pinning or Shock
  • Face of the Enemy: Never willingly deal with Chaos Maruaders. If forced to, -10 to all Fellowship tests. Must test Willpower to avoid attacking on sight (though you can just give in and attack them on sight)

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Zacharya Caine

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