Void Wasps

The Swift yet Tiny Xenos ships that shift between the warp and real space


So far exclusively encountered in the Svard system, these tiny Xenos vessels are smaller than most Transports, but have the speed and agility of a much larger Raider. Their hull integrity is quite weak, although their unusual crystalline structure gives them a fairly impressive armour against damage. The weapons tend towards arcing beams of energy that do not inflict much structural damage, but seem to excel at striking in just the right places to cause more harm.

Perhaps most disturbingly, these vessels possess the ability to enter and exit the Warp at seemingly random intervals, even while inside a system’s gravity well. This allows them to launch devastating ambushes that can strike a ship without warning, and then retreat to safety if they are damaged but not destroyed.

The Xenos race that created them has not yet been identified.

Artwork taken from here.

Void Wasps

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