Void Rhino

A tiny creature that is quite surprisingly tough and resiliant

43 36 33 22 19 32 37 16
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing Corruption Insanity Wounds Fate Points
6/12/18/36 18kg/36kg/72kg 0 0 12 0


Awareness (Per)


Bestial Quadraped Sturdy
Sustained Life (x2) Unkillable

A tiny creature purchased from Titus Eisen to serve as a Psychic Familiar for Astropath Eckhart. The miniature Xenos fits in the palm of his hand, and has bonded to the point of being able to psychically sustain its master. Despite the creature’s incredibly small size it is potently aggressive, easily capable of shattering an unaware man’s shins on a successful charge.

In order to complete the psychic bonding Eckhart had to purchase the creature shortly after it had given birth. The excess rhinos were released into the In Purgatio Lumen where he’s pretty sure they’ll die off inside the vents.


Astropath Eckhart’s Void Rhino is also a familiar to him, and with it he has enhanced his already prodigious Psychic talent. It possesses the following abilities

  • Attuned (Telepathy) – Eckhart increases his Psy Rating for all Telepathy Techniques by 1 if the Rhino is nearby.
  • Big Teeth – This creature gains penetration equal to its Strength, and its natural weapons gain Tearing.
  • Independent – This familiar is resistant to orders that do not interest it, and requires a Fellowship Test to coax it into behaviour that does not serve its interests.
  • Psychic Reservoir – Eckhart can sustain up to two powers before taking a penalty to his Psy Rating instead of the normal one.
  • Rugged Hide – It possesses Natural Armour (3)
  • Stubborn – Its toughness is increased by 7 relative to the average Void Rhino profile, conferring one extra point of armour and 2 additional wounds.

Void Rhino

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