Tiberius Kane

Representative of the Miner's Guild on Svard. Brusque but fair-minded


One of the Crystal Council operating out of Svard Prime, Tiberius Kane is a seasoned asteroid miner whose family owns one of the most lucrative explored patches of the Hollow Worlds, and his relentless dedication to ensuring the protection and expansion of Svard’s mining rights have all but guaranteed him a spot on the ruling body of the council. With little time for prevaricators, especially Lillia Kusinen, he tends to be the least outspoken of the Councillors, unless he feels there has been a slight against the void population, who he sees as the central figures in ensuring Svard’s independence.

During the crisis in the Svard system, he asked Lord-Captain Jequin Hos to reclaim the Hollow Worlds so that the industry of Svard could be restarted, and the Svard Defense Force Frigates brought up to full strength.

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Tiberius Kane

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