Promise of Agony

Dark Eldar Cruiser that raided and slaved in the Expanse for centuries.


Ship Name: Promise of Agony
Class: Cruiser
Hull: Torture-Class Cruiser
Speed: 9
Manoeuvrability: +28
Detection: +25
Turret Rating: 1
Shields: 0
Armour: 19
Hull Integrity: 18/60
Space Used/Available: ??
Power Used/Available: ??

Weapon Capacity: 4 Prow
Crew %: 0/100
Morale: 0/100

Essential Components
  • Command Bridge: While undamaged, Captain’s command tests are made at +5 and all Ballistic Skill tests are made at +5. If the ship suffers a critical hit, roll 1d10. On a 3 or higher, this component becomes unpowered.
  • Sensor Array: External. DESTROYED
  • Eldar Crew Quarters
  • Runecaster
  • Eldar Life Sustainer
  • Unidentified Xenos Propulsion System: DAMAGED
  • Shadowfield Generator: Provides no Voidshield, but any attempt to hit it with a weapon suffers a -40 penalty (Macrobatteries suffer only a -20). Ships also suffer a -30 to use any Extended Action on a ship protected by a Shadowfield that involves an Augur action. Finally, while on Silent Running vessels may travel their full speed gain a +10 bonus on Maneouver Tests. DAMAGED
Supplemental Components
  • Disintegrator Macrocannon Clusters (x3)
    • Location: Prow
    • Damage: 1d10 + 3
    • Strength: 4
    • Range: 5
    • Crit Rating: 4
    • Special: +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill Tests
  • Torpedo Tubes
    • Location: Prow
    • Damage: As Per Torpedo
    • Strength: 4
  • Dark Eldar Void Torpedos
    • Damage: 2d10 + 14
    • Terminal Penetration: 3
    • Special: Turret Ratings have no effect on Void Torpedos. All Torpedos count as Seeking (+30 to Hit).
  • Torture Holds
    • Gain 150 Achievement towards any Criminal endeavour involving Slavery.
  • Mimic Drive
    • Dark Eldar Cruisers may manipulate their energy signature to appear as any vessel of similar size as the cruiser. Only a Challenging (+0) Scrutiny + Detection test reveals the falsehood.

Exotic Impellers

  • Dark Eldar vessels gain +20 when doing the Flank Speed Extended Action.

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Promise of Agony

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