Olympia Minucci

Senior Arbites officer on Svard after the death of her boss


Current head of the Adeptus Arbites located on Exclusion following the death of her superior. She was ill-pleased with the order from the Imperial Envoy who ordered all Imperial Forces to withdraw from the Svard system. She was even less pleased with the murder of her superior however, and she was prepared to cancel all Arbites support and execute every non-Imperial personnel on the World.

After negotiations with Callidus Astor, whom himself was being advised by Arch-Militant Zacharya Caine she was reminded of her duty, but nonetheless insisted on the execution of those responsible for the death of the Senioris. After receiving the names from Arch-Militant Caine, she personally saw to the executions before returning to Svard Prime to aide in combating this threat.

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Olympia Minucci

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