Navigator Crayn

Navigator for the Cult of the Divine Flame. Really hates her job.


A member of the Noble House of Crayn, she is one of the few Navigator Houses judged “pure” enough by the Cult of the Divine Flame for their purposes. Constantly reminded of her status as a mutant by the fanatic believers, she was seemingly caught off guard by Navigator Maturinus Pazzano’s acceptance among the crew.

She provided a new Warp Route to the Explorers in order to rescue one of her House’s vessels from the Chaos Raiders.


From: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
To : Protector-General of House Cryan
Astropathic Relay : AlXu9j154hGv8lHyYYhwmw==
Priority : Medium-Gamma
Classification : Private

To the Protector-General of House Cryan,

I would like to bring your attention to one of your members of House Cryan on the Station in the system known as the Hermitage in the Kronous Expanse. She is in the employ of the Cult of the Divine Flame. It would appear to me in my short interaction with her, that she has become very jittery in the presence of the Divine Flame. No doubt due what appear to shabby treatment of her by the Cult of the Divine Flame. I would encourage your House to investigate treat of a fellow Navis Nobilite and ensure that she is given the proper respect due to her position. Or possibly remove her until she can be trained to better handle the pressures of a Navigators position.

I wish to cause no trouble with this message simply this is my observation of the situation and would like to inform your House of a possible mistreatment.

Sincerely Navigator Secundarium Maturinus


Navigator Crayn

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