Naoya Shatani

Grim Faced Businessman responsibile for contracts and running the show


Whereas Baxter Abhay is responsible for the venture capital and charisma, most people agree that Naoya Shatani is the one responsible for keeping the Koronus Equipment Concern running. Possessing a keen yet sufficiently flexible mind, he is the one who draws up the business contracts and ensures that customers get exactly what they ask for, but never quite everything that they need, ensuring that they will be forced to come back for more business in the future.

His harsh demeanour is not eased by the augmetic voicebox taking up most of the upper part of his chest and throat, through which he is able to speak. The crude and abrasive nature of the augmetic leads many to believe that he deliberately adopts it to unnerve competitors during business negotiations. It works.

He is currently overseeing the distribution and deployment of equipment to Inti.

Artwork taken from here.

Naoya Shatani

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