Maturinus of Navis Nobilite House Pazzano

The pious and prideful Navigtor Primus (former Secundarium) of the In Purgatio Lumen


Navigator Primus of In Purgatio Lumen and part time Reliquarist

38 46 38 50 39 64 56 67 39
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing Corruption Insanity Wounds Fate Points
3/6/9/18 45kg/90kg/180kg 11 13 19 5

Origin Path

  • Home World: Battle Fleet
  • Birthright: Savant
  • Lure of the Void: Duty Bound, Duty to the Throne
  • Trials and Travails: Product of Upbringing: Decadent (100xp)
  • Motivation: Pride

Navis Nobilite Information

  • Navigator House Pazzano: Magisterial House (with House Cassani as a template pg 16 Navis Primer)
  • Warp Focus: When using Lidless Stare force enemy to re-roll once per session
  • Pure Genes: on Mutation roll use +20 to resist
  • Exalted Lineage: Gain +10 to Social Interaction with Imperial Nobility.
  • Initial Mutation: Eyes as Dark as the Void
  • The Few: Gain Extra Navigator Power
  • Nemesis : Gain House Chorda as Rival and Enemy but GR with Battlefleet and Ecclesiarchy
  • Signature Ritual: Participate mass in the main Cathedral of the Ship, with meditation on the greatness of the God-Emperor afterword, ( On stage 1 of warp travel if spending a fate point to reroll Psyniscience gain +20 to reroll)


Awareness +20 (Per) Ciphers ([Pazzano] Navis Nobilite) (Int) C. Lore (Imperial Navy) +10 (Int)
C. Lore (Navis Nobilite) + 20 (Int) Contortionist (Ag) F. Lore (Navigators) +20 (Int)
F. Lore (Warp) +20 (Int) Intimidate (Str) Literacy (Int)
Logic (Int) Navigation (Stellar) +10 (Int) Navigation (Warp) +20 (Int)
S. Lore (Astromancy) + 20 (Int) Secret Tongue ([Pazzano] Navis Nobilite, Rogue Trader [Hos], Underdeck) (Int) Speak (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Battle Fleet War Cant) (Int)
Pilot (Space Craft) (Ag) Psyniscience +20 (Per) Trade (Astrographer) (Int)
Dodge +20 (Ag) Deceive +20 (Fel) F. Lore (Mutants) +10 (Int)
Navigation (Surface) (Int) Command +20 (Fel) F. Lore (Pirates) +10 (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Legends) +20 (Int) Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) +20 (Int) F. Lore (Xenos) +10 (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) (Int) +10 Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) (Int) Evaluate (Int) +20
Scrutiny (Per) Common Lore (Rogue Traders) +20 (Int)


Armour of Contempt Decadent Enemy (House Chorda)
Good Reputation (Battlefleet) Good Reputation (Ecclesiarchy) Jaded
Navigator Navigator Power (Stack the Deck (Adept)) Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Resistance (Fear) Rival (House Chorda) Unnatural Intelligence (x2)
Warp Sense Weapon Training (Primitive) Meditation
Resistance (Pysker Powers) Hatred (Demons) Hardy
Pure Faith Navigator Power (Held in my Gaze (Adept)) Paranoia
Sound Constitution (x6) Improved Warp Sense Navigator Power (Held in my Gaze (Master))
Talented (Psyniscience) Navigator Power (Lidless Stare (Adept)) Regeneration
Navigator Power (Lidless Stare (Master)) Air of Authority Strong Minded
Enemy (Craftworld Kaelor) Talented(Navigation(Warp)) Flame Weapon Training
Melee Weapon Training(Universal) Peer (Ecclesiarchy) Iron Discipline

Navigator Powers

  • Lidless Stair (Novice, Adept, Master) {pg 180 RT}
  • Stack the Deck (Novice, Adept, Master) {pg 192 ItS}
  • Held in My Gaze (Novice, Adept, Master) {pg 180 RT}
  • Foreshadowing (Novice) {pg 179 RT}

Navigator Mutations

  • Eyes as Dark as Void
  • Strangely Jointed Limbs
  • Strange Vitality


  • Equipment
    • Best Craftsmanship (Vandimir Patern) Hellpistol {35m, S/2/-, 1d10+4 E, Pen 7, Clip 40, Rld 2 Full, 4kg, Reliable}
    • Best Craftsmanship Navigator Staff (Sanctified) { 1d10+4 I, Pen 2, Balanced, Mono, Best(+10 to WS)}
    • Best Craftsmanship Wraith Ryza Pattern Plasma Pistol {40m, S/-/-, 1d10+6 E, Pen 6, Clip 8, Rld 3 Full, , Accurate, Reliable, Maximal} (Engraved with the Inner Council destroying the Messenger in the light of the Emperor )
    • Best Quality Xeno Mesh Armour {Arms/Leg/Body AP 4, 2kg} (in storage)
    • x3 Las-Packs for Hellpistol
    • Good Quality Cortex Implant {give Unnatural Intelligence x2, functions as cogitator}
    • Best Craftsmanship Assassins Body Glove, Disciplined, Swirling Energy (Gribeauval II Pattern) Bodyglove {Arm/Body/Legs/Head 4 AP 2.5kg}{ Swirling, first melee or ranged attack needs to be rerolled at a -10 to WS or BS} {Disciplined , +25 to Military achievements}
    • Conversion Field (Locke Pattern) {looks as a Rosarius} Protection Rating 50
  • Gear
    • Emperors Tarot
    • Nobilite Robes
    • Emperors Benedictions (Charm)
    • Micro-bead
    • Best Craftsmanship Chrono
    • Good Craftsmanship Survival Suit
    • Best Craftsmanship Void Suit {8kg when worn}
    • Magnoculars {1 kg}
    • Good Craftsmanship Data Slate {0.5 kg}
    • Auto Quill and some Parchment { 0.5 kg}
    • A large ruby as big as a fist used as a paper weight
    • Best Quality Cherry Mahogany Desk/Furniture Set, Opulent display of wealth (in his Navigator Quarters)

RANK 7 (RANK 5 Elite Advance as Reliquarist)
Spent 28450
To Spend 200
Total 28650



So this is a person who is somewhat used to living an orderly life (with brief periods of chaotic disruption). His early life involved working at a school in the Scarus Sector, inpreperation for his eventual employment with the Hos Dynasty (his education and posting being made during a compact with the Hos Dyansty). It was hear that he meet a young Lord Hos. The two hung around in same circle of friend. He was able to do well in school and was consider very bright. Having good grounding in mathematical and cartographic idea, in addition to his interest in Imperial Theology.

His Navigator training began with tutoring and training with his House Pazzano with the Battlefleet Calixis. His house has long been a source of Navigators for the local Battlefleet. Under his tutor, Gaspare of House Pazzano, he was noted as a somewhat bright and clever child, if sometimes one who was haughty and got to much enjoyment from the finer things in life (due to his position as a member of a Navigator House). Through his time spent with the Battlefleet he was impressed with the iron discipline of the men on the Imperial Destroyer he was posted, Praefectus Uglino Zeno. It was during this time in his life that during a boarding action from pirates his skull was crushed. It lead to him receiving from the local Tech-Magos a Cortex Implant.

Through this event he became more and more regimented in his daily life. This carried over this discipline to his job as a Navigator, to his family, all of mankind, and the Holy Throne of Terra. A spin off of this discipline and organization of his was life was his increasing distance to others he did not consider ‘disciplined’ or ‘devout’ enough. He believes in attempting to guiding those with a strong hand if necessary to ensure the survival of the majority through the treacherousness of the warp and real space. His personal wealth (gained through his House) he believes to be a sign from the God-Emperor that he is blessed, this idea also extended to all who have wealth. But if you God-Emperor wealth is misused he believes in utter destruction of those who engaged in such despicable behavior.

Being prideful also has the downside in that he looks down on those who do not venerate the God-Emperor. He is also not very happy when having to deal with those from the Chorda Rogue Trader Dynasty, due to previous unfortunate history between his house and hers.

Maturinus of Navis Nobilite House Pazzano

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