Magos Isabella Stein

Properitor of Kybu and totally sane. 100%.


The Magos Biologis Tech-Priest in charge of the Bio-Moon of Kybu. She’s known to be a recluse, and many of her experiments are regarded with suspicion by the Mechanicus at large. She does however have absolutely authority over the moon of kybu, as it was her genius that transformed it into the environmental force that it was.

During The Salvation of Svard contact with Kybu was lost. Tragically the Hos Dynasty was unable to attend to the crisis. Following the defeat of The Whisperer the Bio moon was eventually explored only to find that the Magos had ordered the complete biological purge of all materials on the Moon. Only she survived the purge, and has been unwilling to speak of what happened.

Artwork taken from here.

Magos Isabella Stein

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