Leopold Phipps

Loyal Seneschal, Hypno-Conditioned Into True Obedience.


Class: Seneschal
Ship Role: Purser (When replenishing Morale by spending Achievement Points , the Purser only has to spend 25 Achievement Points, and may always make a Routine (+20) Barter Test instead of a Charm Test. (This test is always Routine, no matter how many times Morale is replenished in this manner.)

31 48 33 41 30 57 51 42 62
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing Corruption Insanity Wounds Fate Points
3/6/9/18 36kg/72kg/144kg 0 0 15 4


  • Home World: Imperial World
  • Birthright: Savant
  • Lure of the Void: Duty Bound (Duty to Your Humanity)
  • Trials and Travails: Calamity
  • Motivation: Devotion (Loyalty)
  • Lineage: A Proud Tradition (Heir Apparent)


Awareness +10 (Per) Barter +20 (Fel) Blather (Fel)
Charm +10(Fel) Ciphers Rogue Trader (Int) Commerce +20 (Fel) – Talented
C. Lore Adeptus Mechanicus (Int) C. Lore Administratum (Int) C. Lore Imperial Creed (Int)
C. Lore Imperium (Int) C. Lore Koronus Expanse (Int) C. Lore Underworld +10 (Int)
C. Lore Underworld (Int) C. Lore War (Int) Deceive +10 (Fel)
Disguise (Ag) Dodge (Ag) Evaluate (Int)
F. Lore Archeotech (Int) F. Lore Xenos (Int) Inquiry (Fel)
Literacy (Int) Logic (Int) S. Lore Archaic (Int)
S. Lore Heraldry (Int) S. Lore Legend (Int) Scrutiny (Per)
S. Tongue Rogue Trader (Int) Security (Int) Silent Move (Ag)
Speak Language Eldar (Int) Speak Language Low Gothic (Int) BASIC Speak Language (High Gothic)
Speak Language Trader’s Cant (Int) Trade Archaeologist (Int) Trade Linguist (Int)
BASIC Trade Voidfarer (Int) Tech-Use (Int)


Basic Weapon Training (Universal) Light Sleeper
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal) Hardy
Melee Weapon Training (Universal) Marksman
Infused Knowledge

Blessed Ignorance: -5 to Forbidden Lore (Int) Tests

Common-Craftsmanship Inferno Pistol
Best-Craftsmanship Hellgun
Xeno-Mesh Armour
Cameloline Cloak

Two sets of Robes

Seeker of Lore: The Seneschal may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test. Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum time required. In addition, the Seneschal adds one bonus Degree of Success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry, or Evaluate Test.

See Leopold Phipps Advances


An otherwise unremarkable citizen growing up on the Imperial World of Gudrun he was just one of an endless multitude who was swept into the endless churn of the Hos Dynasty workings. Rising to the position of Prefectus in one of the family’s merchant lines. Serving competently

When the Crisis of Succession occurred in the Hos Dynasty line, and the existing mercantile houses were split in divided loyalty. When Jequin Hos emerged unexpectedly victorious, a new master of trade was sought for his position to be sure there would be no compromise by past allegiances to other members of the Hos Dynasty.

And so, Leopold Phipps found himself swept up into a life of adventure, intrigue and a fair bit of hypno-conditioning to make himself a worthy aide to the newest Rogue Trader Hos, and is doggedly sticking to doing what he knows best: Keeping the books balanced.

He was censured by the Captain following him being deceived into forwarding information back to the Hos Dynasty stronghold in the Scarus Sector, presumably on behalf of one of the Hos Dynasty’s rival claimants. He has since taken command of the Under Wry Beginnings during its return to Port Wander, and is en-route to rendezvous with the captain at Svard

Leopold Phipps

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