Larius Sans

The Commander of Port Wander. Surrounded by Corruption and Greed


The Battlefleet Calixis officer in charge of Port Wander, he was reassigned to this position following his father Admiral Horatio Sass’ disastrous handling of [CLASSIFIED]. Possessed of a calm and disciplined behaviour, he has only recently learned of the depth of corruption in the personnel of the Battlefleet assigned to Port Wander. With no one expecting him to succeed, he relies on his conviction and stubbornness to fight what he sees as the breakdown of order under his watch.

Following the arrival of the Hos Dynasty Explorers, several officers under the sway of Karus Har and the Ventan Iron Hounds were discovered and purged from his ranks, giving him hope that he might be able to restore his family’s name.

Author : Navigator Secundarium onboard Rogue Trader In Purgatio Lumen , Maturinus of House Pazzano
Subject : Commander Larius Sans
Calssification : SscCAb7m
Priority : Ship Council Review
Entry : 1.0.a

Interactions with Commander Larius Sans ended amicably. By trading information on a nefarious nere-do-well, Karus Har. I believe that our Lord Captain has given the correct signals to the crew and the Imperium as to our allegiances and intentions. It would be my recommendation to continue to oppose those who degrade the Light of the Throne, and help Commander Sans in as many ways as possible.

In addition as long as Commander Sans controls Port Wander, this can hopefully secure our routes to and from the Calixis Sector. In addition it never seems to be a bad idea to have friends in the Battlefleet who may be willing to help us.

Further in action with Commander Sans it would be advisable not to mention his father, Admiral Horatio Sans. This is unless we could some how use this as leverage to move him to action against our enemies, in terms of wiping away the dishonor on his family (I recommend this as a last course of action though).


Larius Sans

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