Konrad Boethius

Footfall Owner of the Hab-Fanes. Beaten down by life, but keeps trying.


Konrad was the man that Jequin Hos contacted on Footfall as part of his desire to establish a Grain Route on Footfall. Buying their initial supply of grain from Erasmus Boldt, he subsequently agreed to a long-term contract with the Dynasty.

He initially attempted to negotiate a better deal for his tenants, but was rebuffed by Jequin Hos. He has conceded that Captain Hos struck a reasonable bargain between profit and affordability, but any further argument seemed forestalled by his own realisation that he had no bargaining position.

The Dynasty leveraged their existing business relationship with him by convincing him that a portion of his hab blocks inhabitants could find a better life in the Inti system. He agreed to help recruit new colonists for the venture, and provided advice on what would be needed to ensure order and compliance with their citizenry.

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Konrad Boethius

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