Josette Nichols

Augur Officer reading secrets of the Void and keeping her own.


Class: Void Master
Ship Role: Master of Etherics (+10 to Focused Augury)

33 48 32 28 56 35 64 33 41
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing Corruption Insanity Wounds Fate Points
5/10/15/30 27kg/54kg/108kg 0 0 8 4


  • Home World: Void Born
  • Birthright: Unnatural Origins (Contaminated Environs)
  • Lure of the Void: Duty Bound (Duty to Your Dynasty)
  • Trials and Travails: Product of Upbringing (New Blood)
  • Motivation: Fear (Enemy in Ascendence)


Awareness +10 (Per) Charm (Fel) Ciphers Military Cant (Int)
Command +20 (Fel) C. Lore Imperial Navy (Int) C. Lore War (Int)
F. Lore Xenos (Int) Literacy (Int) Navigation Stellar (Int)
Pilot Flyers (Int) Pilot Space Craft +20(Int) S. Language Ship Dialect (Int)
S. Tongue (Underdeck) S. Lore Astromancy (Int) Scrutiny +10 (Per)
S. Language High/Low Gothic (Int) S. Tongue Rogue Trader/Underdeck (Int)


Melee Weapon Training (Universal) Basic Weapon Training (Universal) Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel Paranoia Peer (Mutants)
Resistance (Poisons) Rival (Fel Dynasty) Rival (Nobility)

Best-Craftsmanship Mono-Sword
Best-Craftsmanship Hand Cannon
Guard Flak Armour

Void Suit
Blessed Ship Token
Imperial Navy Uniform
2 Bottles of Amasec

Charmed: When spending a fate point, roll a d10. On a roll of natural 9, the fate point is not lost.
Ill-Omened: -5 Penalty to all tests made to interact with non Void-Born humans
Void Accustomed: Immune to Space Travel Sickness, and low-gravity or zero-gravity environments are not considered Difficult Terrain
Duty to Your Dynasty: Increase group’s profit factor by 1.
New Blood: Increase group’s profit factor by 1.
Master of Augurs: May re-roll all failed tests involving Detection on a Spacecraft.

See Josette Nichols Advances


Born to the Hos Dynasty ship The Torchbearer to a lower class deckhand forced to hide her child from the much higher ranked officer, Josette was raised among the deckhands and children of the forgotten sections of the deck: the conduits abandoned centuries ago due to contamination, and the water hopefully drinkable and clean. Nonetheless, instilled with a great loyalty to her ship masters, she began to study and master the workings of Void life with the transmissions passing in and out of the ship telling her stories of a galaxy larger and filled with more fantastic things than she could dream of. Growing up on the ship, her affinity for its system quickly secured her a junior position in the Augury department of the frigate.

One day, while the ship was in orbit around the Gundrun System, she detected a series of coded transmissions being sent from a neighbouring ship brought to her by a particularly mischevious machine spirit that sometimes listened in on passing transmissions. Decoding it, she realised this was a series of comminiques between the Fel Ambition – vessel of the Fel Dynasty’s fleet – and certain noble houses on the planet who were plotting to restore the subsector’s capital world there from Thracian. Alerting her dynasty, the Fel plot was exposed and Thracian Primaris was appropriately grateful to the officer who first detected the problem.

Her family was suddenly showered with praise and gifts that, to the noble families granting them were nothing, but to a family used to nothing were enough to set them up permanently. Hated by both the Fel Dynasty and the nobles of Gundrun, she has elected to stay with the dynasty and, for both her and her family’s safety, join Jequin Hos’ fleet to a new sector of the galaxy, one where she perhaps mistakenly believes the vengeance of her enemies cannot reach.

Update 007.826.M41, Author: Astropath Transcendant Eckhart

Recommend honours for Ms Nichols’ actions in combat against traitor vessels in the system known as the Battleground. Her actions in identifying the raider vessels lying in wait allowed the Lumen to spring the trap, and her scanning and locking on to critical components ensured our capture of the transport bearing imperial pilgrims.

Update March 26 826.M41, Author : Navigator Maturinus

For the continuous excellent service in manning the Augurs, our Lady of the Augurs Nichols, is to be awarded the Order of Hossian Specialists (Augurs) Badge. Her service has continuously helped the In Purgatio Lumen in engaging enemies on 007.826.M41, 025.826.M41, 061.826.M41, and continuous excellence in surveying and scanning systems we have just entered.

Josette Nichols

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