Hollow Men

Monsters from the Void that seem to lack a body, but don't lack intent.


Author : Navigator Primus onboard Rogue Trader In Purgatio Lumen , Maturinus of House Pazzano
Subject : The Hollow Men of the “Black Star” system
Calssification : DJ809Ekoi0
Priority : Ship Council Review
Entry : 1.35.a

The Hollow men seem to inhabit that Black Star system. They work by using some built in meta torches to simply cut their way through the hull of the ship. Being so small and fast moving they seem to be undetectable by sensors. One way to detect them may perhaps be a watch system using off duty manpower.

In terms of power, the lasguns seem useless, except with mass fire. Usages of metlaguns was effective. As my Ryza Plasma pistol. They were able to be effected by the powers of my Warp Eye. I would shutter to imagine how strong they are in close combat, as they were able to rip large pieces of metal off the ship.

It terms of getting contact with them seems hopeless. It could be that they are brainless and have only the physical presences in the void suits. When destroyed they let out a hissing sound. My fine warp detection abilities suggest that stands of warp energy were seeping out.

As well when looking at them I could detect faint traces of the warp helping move and animate the void suits.

There could be a number of hypothesis as to how these creatures came into being. It could be that the ‘warp’ hole in the center of the star is throwing out warp energy which is then caught into the dust clouds surrounding the Black Star. As ships pass through they collect this “warp dust”. Later when in closer proximity to the original warp hole in the Black Star will cause the warp dust awakens and to possess any void suits. ’

I theorize that this is simply the animated stuff of raw warp, and interestingly do not the willpower to directly possess a person or any living being.

Overtime with the death and destruction of the crew other accoutrements are added to the void suits to more effectively dismantle craft. As to what purpose they are dismantleing the craft I don’t know.

However given the large number of craft, and the large number of drifting space hulks, it may be possible that this is the place where they are ‘born.’ It could be possible for them to slowly fall into the star and then be returned to the warp where they could then be ejected from.


Hollow Men

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