Faydra Hos

Constantly drunk, she seeks a good time from life and gets what she wants.


Third in line for the Hos Dynasty succession, she quickly was made a generous offer by both Siegmund Hos and Carnelia Hos to not interefere with either of their plans to lay claim to the Hos Dynasty warrant. Rather than set herself up for what she viewed as a life of in-fighting and intrigue, she accepted the quite frankly ridiculous sums of money and set about living the kind of life that hedonistic Imperial governors aspire towards.

Lacking any apparent sort of drive or ambition beyond her next enjoyable experience, she nonetheless possesses a fiery tongue and sharp wit, and initially supported Petria Hos in her challenge for the Dynastic warrant. Once it was clear that would not pan out, she accepted further bribes from her two eldest siblings to abandon that support, only to turn around and pledge it to Jequin Hos as soon as the payment transfers were made.

She then presumably proceeded to laugh for a few days straight.

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Faydra Hos

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