Emperor's Bounty

A Lost Treasure Ship that has been reclaimed and serves the Hos Dynasty

  • Ship Name: Emperor’s Bounty
  • Captain: Antonio Cassis
  • Class: Cruiser
  • Hull: Conquest Star Galleon
  • Speed: 3
  • Manoeuvrability: +15
  • Detection: +20
  • Turret Rating: 1
  • Shields: 2
  • Armour: 16
  • Hull Integrity: 63/63
  • Space Used/Available: 56/56
  • Power Used/Available: 75/75
  • Weapon Capacity: 2 Port, 2 Starboard
  • Crew %: 100/100
  • Morale: 100/100
Essential Components
  • Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive
  • Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine: Reduce duration of all warp passages by half. However, roll every 3 day for Warp Encounters instead of 5.
  • Warpsbane Hull: Any Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through the warp gain a +10 bonus. When rolling on Warp Travel Encounters, the GM rolls twice and allows the Navigator to choose which result is applied.
  • Repulsor Dual Shield Array: Provides two shields. Ship does not suffer maneuver penalties when travelling through astral phenomena.
  • Flight Command Bridge: When undamaged, all Command Tests dealing with attack Craft gain +5, and tests to ready new squadrons automatically pass. All Trade objectives involving ground-to-orbit operations gain 25 Achievement Points
  • M-1.r Life Sustainer: Increases all Morale Loss by 1.
  • Voidsman Quarters
  • X-470 Ultimo Array: External. Grants +10 to Detection, and +15 to detect Silent Running vessels when using Active Augery. Other vessels get +5 when shooting at this vessel.
  • VAMPIRE Gryphonne Pattern Torpedo Tubes
    • Location: Port/Starboard
    • Damage: As per loaded torpedo
    • Special: Vampire – May be mounted port/staboard at double power requirement
  • Plasma Torpedo
    • Damage: 2d10 + 14
    • Crit Rating: 10
    • Terminal Penetration: 3
    • Complement: 24 (+ 4 if carried “hot”)
    • Range: 60
    • Speed: 10 VU/round
    • Special: Volatile. If damaged when torpedos are loaded, 10% chance of exploding and inflicting 2d5 damage to Hull Integrity
  • Hecutor Plasma Battery
    • Location: Port/Starboard
    • Damage: 1d10 + 2
    • Strength: 3
    • Crit Rating: 4
    • Range: 11
  • Hold Landing Bay
    • Location: Keel
    • Strength: 2
    • Squadrons: 4
      • Calixis Starhawk Bombers (x2)
      • Calixis Fury Interceptor (x1)
      • Lathe-Pattern Assault Boat (x1)
Supplemental Components
  • Augmented Retro Thrusters (x3)
    • *Provides + 5 to Manoeuvrability
  • Main Cargo Hold
    • Grants 125 Achievement Points toward Trade objectives.
  • Power Ram
    • External.
    • Adds 1d10 to ramming damage.
Complications/Past History
  • Resolute
    • The ship suffers -1 Speed, but gains +3 Hull Points and grants a +10 bonus to all Repair Tests.
  • Turbulent Past
    • All crew aboard the vessel gain a – 20 to Heathen humans in the Koronus Expanse
    • All crew aboard the vessel gain a + 20 to Imperial humans in the Koronus Expanse
  • Veteran of the Angevin Crusade
    • All BS Tests to fire the weapons gain +10.
    • Silent Running attempts suffer a -40.
    • Gain +10 to Charm and Intimidate checks provided their targets know their origin and understand.
Total Achievement Point Bonuses
  • Trade: 125 Achievement Points

In 322.M39, the Angevin Crusade began, spanning 62 years and resulting in the formation of the Calixis sector. Attached to that Battlefleet was the legendary Emperor’s Bounty, a mighty Star Galleon that would resolutely plough the Immaterium without fear, its mighty holds collecting the spoils of that conflict. Archeotech for the Priests of Mars, Xenotech for the Inquisition to study, relics of lost human Empires for the Administratum, these were just a few of the spoils that Captain Janrak Spargan was rumoured to have claimed for the Imperium aboard his mighty vessel.

Though its purpose was primarily transport, the Bounty was armed with experimental Vampire-class torpedo tubes suitable for Cruisers to engage enemies at long-range, three full complements of star fighters to engange enemies at medium range, and Disruption Macrocannons to cripple craft at close range. No matter the enemy, its goal was always the same: Salvaging great prizes in the name of the Imperium. Unfortunately in the course of the Crusade, the Bounty was cut off from its supply lines and thought lost with all hands.

However, that thought was re-evaluated when the Koronus Expanse was first charted by Rogue Traders. Empires both Human and Xenos told stories of a mighty vessel dispatching squadrons to raid and obliterate empires across the Expanse. Its holds were said to be stuffed with the remnants of those who stood in defiance of the Throne, and the legend of the Bounty grew in the minds of those who sought to claim its treasure for their own. Despite a number of search parties, the Emperor’s Bounty if it still exists remains lost in the murky history of the Koronus Expanse.

Emperor's Bounty

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