Duke Ryland "Sagacious" Morrow

A Familiar once bonded to Dark Eldar, now chose the Captain


Duke Ryland “Sagacious” Morrow was a Gryinx found abandoned on the Promise of Agony after the death of the crew at the hands of the Explorers and their Orkish allies. Initially rebuffed by those it encountered, it quickly found Lord-Captain Jequin Hos and has been by his side ever since. Possessed of enormous Psychic potential, it will fiercely defend its newest familiar.

58 35 30 65 31 54 67 43
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing Corruption Insanity Wounds Fate Points
5/10/15/25 18kg/36kg/72kg 0 0 11 1


Awareness +10 (Per) Concealement +20 (Ag) Dodge +20 (Ag)
Psyniscience (Per) Shadowing +20 (Ag) Silent Move +20 (Ag)
Tracking (Int)


Bestial Brutal Charge Improved Natural Weapons
Improved Warp Sense Lightning Attack Psy Rating 2
Size (Puny) Step Aside Unnatural Willpower (x2)


  • Claws/Fangs
    • Damage: 1d10 + 5
    • Penetration: 2

Psychic Abilities

Soul Scry
  • Focus Power Time: Full Action
  • Focus Power Test: Psyniscience
  • Range: 5m x Psy Rating
  • Sustained: Yes
  • Description: As long as this power is maintained, the Psyker and a number of his allies equal to his Psy Rating within range gain +5 bonus to Interaction Tests with an additional +5 bonus to these Tests per Degree of Success on the Focus Power Test.
Spirit Shield
  • Focus Power Time: Half Action
  • Focus Power Test: Willpower
  • Range: 5m x Psy Rating Radius
  • Sustained: Yes
  • Description: Upon activation, all allies within range may use the Psyker’s Willpower Characteristic instead of his own for Opposed Willpower Tests and Tests to resist Fear and Pinning.
Psychic Bonding
  • As long as its master is within range, the master may use Psyniscience as a Trained Skill.

Author : Navigator Secundarium onboard Rogue Trader In Purgatio Lumen , Maturinus of House Pazzano
Subject : Duke Ryland Morrow, aka The Eldar Cat, aka Gryinx, aka Duke Sagacious, aka Duke, aka Sagacious
Classification : kAeQVFEy
Priority : Ship Council Review
Entry : 1.10.a

The Gryinx know as Duke Ryland “Sagacious” Morrow, is an interesting specimen. I have been on the receiving end of his attacks and it is very deadly (piercing through my armor easily). In addition he has some psychic ability, if this was granted to him by the Eldar is unknown. It appears he also attempts to ‘share’ some of his psychic abilities with others.

I recommend extreme caution with this animal, it seems to be a deadly predator. As well it was on an Eldar ship before. Possibly it was ‘bonded’ to the Eldar Captain. In this respect it could still be working for the Eldar. Allowing it to ‘help’ us could gain access to our minds and the Hos Dynasty secrets.

As to why it chose to come to us is inscrutable to me. However we must exercise caution as this is no typical xenos beast. It is clearly intelligent, and it may simply be waiting to turn against us and get back to its Eldar masters. To me it is not inconceivable that the Eldar are playing some long trick on the In Purgatio Lumen, and having a plot take decades to unfold with this beast being an important part of it.


Duke Ryland "Sagacious" Morrow

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