Da Ship Eata

Da Orky Vessel What Done Follow Da Kaptin What Be Da Strongest

Ship Summary
  • Ship Name: Da Ship Eata
  • Class: Cruiser
  • Hull: Orkish Kill Kroozer
  • Speed: 5
  • Manoeuvrability: – 5
  • Detection: + 10
  • Turret Rating: 1
  • Shields: 1
  • Armour: 25 Prow, 21 Port/Starboard, 18 Stern
  • Hull Integrity: 90
  • Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow 2 Port, 2 Starboard
  • Crew Rating: 45
Essential Components
  • Kaptin’s Bridge
  • Searchy Gubbinz: External
  • Boyz Barracks
  • Big Teef
  • Air Pumps
  • Looted Drive
  • Single Void Shield
  • Warp Engine
Supplemental Components
  • Nova Cannon
    • Location: Prow
    • Damage: 2d5 + 7
    • Strength: Hits 1d5 + 3 times on direct hits, 1d5 + 1 to all ships within 2VU of impact point.
    • Range: Minimum Range 6. Normal Range: 35
    • Special:
      • Looted Archeotech: The Orks have modified this ancient and sacred piece of the Omnissiah technology, and it cannot be salvaged by a human crew.
      • On hit, all hits are added up and then subtracted from armour all together.
      • Each hit causes 1d5 Morale Damage to the damaged vessel.
      • Volatile: If this component is damaged or destroyed while a shell is loaded, there is a 10% chance that it explodes, destroying it and dealing 2d10 Hull Integrity Damage
  • ’Eavy Gunz
    • Location: Port/Starboard
    • Damage: 2d10
    • Strength: 4
    • Crit Rating: 4
    • Range: 3
  • Launch Bayz
    • Location: Port/Starboard
    • Strength: 2
    • Squadrons: 4
      • Fighta-Bombas (x2)
      • Assault Boats (x2)
Supplemental Components
  • Armoured Prow
    • A Fearsome armoured prow that heavily reinforces the front of the ship.
  • Da Hold
    • Gain + 50 Achievement Points to any objective completed with this ship.
  • Squig Pens
    • During any successful boarding action, deal an additional 1d5 damage to Crew Population
  • ’Uge Armour Plates
    • Ship’s Manoeuvrability takes a – 5 penalty.
    • This ship gains + 2 Armour in all locations.

Originally commanded by Kap’n Hammertoof, this vessel joined the Hos Dynasty through the time-honoured method of murdering the command staff until the most senior person left was amenable to the whims of the Hos Dynasty. That whim-obeying Ork was Kap’n Chaintusk, who cheerfully followed the Dynasty’s orders cleansing Dark Eldar from the Grace System. Following the death of the Dark Eldar, the Dynasty made him believe his impulsive nature had accidentally killed hundreds of thousands of his own Boyz, but agreed to keep it quiet in exchange for his loyalty. The sucker.

Since carrying an Orkish frigate around was bound to raise questions, Navigator Maturinus cleverly forged an Astrographic map bearing the location of a great treasure somewhere in the Expanse, and the Orks left to find it, promising to return if called. To the shock of all, not only did they return when called to help defend the Damaris system, they returned with their ship upgraded into a Kroozer, with an ancient Nova Cannon installed in the new vessel. Even more surprisingly, they still seemed loyal to the Hos Dynasty.

Da Ship Eata

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