Chlorus Kremple

A Simple Lay-Priest Charged with Overseeing the Svard Space Defense Fleet


A Lay-Priest attached to the Svard Defense Force Frigates, he is not very senior in the Adeptus Mechanicus hierarchy as the bulk of the repair work is meant to be performed on Cog, and not by the locals in Svard. When the Forge Moon was lost, Kremple soon found himself constantly diverted to deal with the various crisises in Svard. When the In Purgatio Lumen arrived in system, he eagerly yielded his authority to Explorator Artifex Felicis, and transferred all logs and information about the Xenos vessels that had been sighted in-system.

He accompanied Zacharya Caine to Exclusion to reclaim the Arbites Precinct there. His technical expertise was pushed to their limit when the Xenos wasp-ships attacked the Frigate he was on, but he managed to keep the guns of the Frigate in working order, and was essential in seeing off the Xenos threat.

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Chlorus Kremple

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