Callidus Astor

A former smuggler who has thrown in his lot with Zacharya Caine


A deckhand formerly assigned to the Venture of Uncertain Returns, he was encountered when Zacharya Caine boarded the vessel in search of its Xenos passengers. The only survivor of the team that encountered him, he was assigned as Caine’s liaison on board the vessel. Familiar with the Koronus Expanse, when Caine offered to find a place for him aboard the In Purgatio Lumen and not burn him to death with a plasma cannon, he jumped at the chance.

An easily startled young man, he went into the Void expecting grand adventure and an easy life, but has found himself either constantly overworked or thrown into life threatening situations, and is developing a paranoid streak as a result. Nonetheless he is used to dealing with the criminal underworld, and his knowledge of how things work in the Koronus Expanse may prove invaluable.

Artwork taken from here.

Callidus Astor

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