Baxter Abhay

Super slick with lots of money. A Rogue Trader's exploitable friend


Always on the lookout for a good investment, Baxter Abhay came to Footfall to start up a business enterprise shipping wholesale materials needed for colonization ventures in and out of the Calixis Sector to where they’re needed. Rumour has it he has made the bulk of his fortune running various cons and intrigues in Malfi, and that when the nobility of that region lost patience with him he fled to the Koronus Expanse.

His actions run towards the extravagant and the flamboyant, but he is keenly aware that his business brings him into conflict with the massive financial power of Jonquin Saul. As a result he is often generous to those he meets in order to establish a good working business relationship. It is only afterwards that they realise he is actually quite cunning and a superior businessman.

He was recently contacted by the Hos Dynasty to supply equipment for the establishment and running of their colony on Inti. His cooperation was sealed with a promise to one day visit the system and have a chance to hunt some of the bizarre indigenous life forms on the surface.

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Baxter Abhay

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