Barnard Kroon

Loyal and Skilled Scribe who is realising just what he's signed up for.


A quiet and dutiful Scribe, he was content to quietly yet faithfully follow around Jequin Hos and record the adventures of his legendary Rogue Trader.

One day on Footfall he followed his Rogue Trader to record a potential alliance with the Black Brotherhood. This event opened with a crazed Navigator carrying personal weapons of mass destruction around, an Arch-Militant sending the Dynasty guard away and forced to confront the muscle-bound leader of the Black Brotherhood on his own. Although he escaped unharmed, he was told that any betrayal on the part of the Rogue Trader would result in both of them being hunted down and tortured.

He was left with the Obsidian Emporium to oversee the cataloguing and appraisal of the Emperor’s Bounty. His mission gave him extended knowledge on the pricing and cataloguing of both Imperium and Xenos technology, as well as the history of the Koronus Expanse. Sadly for him, the Dynasty did eventually return to pick him up, and immediately tasked him to set up another meeting with the Black Brotherhood on their behalf. Though he was obviously terrified, he has never failed in his duties to the Dynasty, and even managed to not faint this time.

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From the desk of Jequin Hos:

Barnard has proven himself to be a great and reliable asset; his intelligence, combined with a lack of ambition, make him a valuable member of the crew. He will require more guidance to ascertain the method in which knowledge becomes leverage. I will spend a good deal of the return trip collaborating with him to do all that we can to return the Colony to its former glory. He does not yet realize how useful his notes from the Auction House (and the Expanse in general) will be in establishing viable business contacts.

I will not be able to send him to the station in Inti immediately, as there is much to be fixed here. His ability to manipulate the socioeconomic structure of this Imperial Colony in a favourable manner is too important to pass up for the sake of righteousness.

He underwent a surgical endeavor recently, to enhance his mind with cogitators that I cannot begin to describe the function of. The Magos warned me of the mental trauma that sometimes goes along with it; I did not want to worry him with such a detail. I was glad to greet him in the recovery room, with a Skitarii watching over us to be sure I didn’t touch anything. He seems to be well, and in good spirits. I shall now undergo the same procedure, feeling much safer.

Barnard Kroon

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