Aurora Neena

A noblewoman who is more than she appeared. But so were her foes.


A noblewoman formerly taking up residence in Port Wander, she reached out through Erasmus Boldt – a fellow noble from the planet of Weyburn, to help her with a clandestine matter involving her husband Castus Klein. Fortunately for her, the Arch-Militant Zacharya Caine of the Hos Dynasty was recovering from a surgery he had recently undergone, and was free to help the beautiful yet distressed woman with her problems. It turned out that her husband had been trafficking in the sale of Xenos animals for the purpose of an illegal drug manufacturing ring.

At her urging, Zacharya Caine confronted her husband with this information, whereupon she swiftly executed her husband and revealed herself to be a member of the heretical cult of Logicians. Frustrated by how her husband’s indiscretions were drawing indirect attention to her activities, she decided he had to be executed and used this as an opportunity to study Cayne’s new implants to see if they would be worth studying at her leisure later. Unfortunately, the Arch-Militant saw through her deception and with the aid of two Inquisition Acolytes, Aurora was captured and delivered to the Inquisition’s not-so-tender mercies.

Artwork taken from here.

Aurora Neena

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