Archimedes Clement

The Ace Pilot who is usually left back on the guncutter.

Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing Corruption Insanity Wounds Fate Points
4/8/12/24 45kg/90kg/180kg 5 17 13 3

EXP Spent: 12,650
EXP Earned: 13,800

Origin Path

  • Home World: Void Born
  • Birthright: Unnatural Origin (False Man)
  • Lure of the Void: Renegade (Free Thinker+)
  • Trials and Travails: A Product of Upbringing (Decadent)
  • Motivation: Endurance


Awareness +10 (Per) Command (Fel) C. Lore Imperial Navy (Int)
C. Lore Koronus Expanse (Int) C. Lore War (Int) Dodge +10 (Ag)
Drive Ground Vehicle (Ag) Drive Skimmer/Hover (Ag) F. Lore Xenos (Int)
Gamble (Int) Intimidate (S) Literacy (Int)
Navigation Stellar (Int) Pilot Flyers +20 (Ag) Pilot Space Craft +10 (Ag)
S. Lore Astromancy (Int) Scrutiny +10 (Per) Tech-Use (Int)
Trade Voidfarer (Ag)


Secret Tongue MilitarySecret Tongue Rogue Trader Secret Tongue Underdeck
Speak Language Low Gothic Speak Language Ship Dialect


Ambidextrous Autosanguinge Charmed
Chem-Geld Die Hard Double Team
Enemy Ecclesiarchy Hardy Ill-Omened
Master of Small Craft Nerves of Steel Paranoia
Quick Draw Rapid Reload Void Accustomed

Artwork taken from here.


Archimedes Clement

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