Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty

The Problem with Xenos

Wherein xenos are discovered, and treachery abounds

With their ship now bolstered by Kap’n Chaintusk and his Orkish Frigate Da Ship Eata, the Hos Dynasty turned their eye towards the central planet in the Grace system, and its orbitting void station, the Dagger of Fate. Explorator Artifex Felicis was confident that if the station could be retaken, then he could persuade the still loyal servants Omnissiah aboard to locate the The Widening Gyre, and the materials they were sent to recover. Armed with the knowledge from Chaintusk that the Orks in the system had grown impatient with Warboss Toofgutz refusing to declare WAAAAAGH on the planet, Captain Jequin Hos ordered the two vessels into the Grace system to confront the Warboss.

As a mark of respect to his new Warboss, Chaintusk sent over his strongest, loyalest and confrontationalest Weirdboy, Barka Da Squigcalla. Although the Weirdboy was quite blunt with Chaintusk, he did show a measure of respect to Lord Captain Hos and his crew, and spent the bulk of the journey following Navigator Maturinus around asking questions about his Psyker abilities. In turn, Navigator Maturinus did his best to avoid the new Weirdboy and focused on strategy for the coming conflict. It was decided that Lord Captain Hos would seek an audience with the Warboss, and ascertain from there whether or not negotiation was possible, or if more more permanent measures were required.

Astropath Poe and Void Mistress Nichols did not detect any transmissions during the long transit to the planet, but once in orbit they did find that both the station and the planet below were attempting to hail them. Answering the planet first, they received a passionate plea for deliverance from sin, but it was quickly jammed by the station, who invited the Rogue Trader and his retinue aboard under a banner of peace, and the promise of return unharmed. The station itself was in surprisingly good condition given that it had been infested by Orks for presumably around two decades. Despite Astropath Eckhart’s misgivings about the situation, it was decided that the crew would board.

The Orks in the landing bay were initially confrontational, and not ready to recognise the “humiez” and their right to travel aboard the station. A round of succesful intimidation from Barka put them in their place, and they were escorted towards the Warboss. En route, it was noted that their escorts were weak and immature Orks, who ordinarily would have been killed shortly after gestation. Still in the dark, but aware that something was wrong, they were brought before Toofgutz, who made clear his plans. In exchange for the Orks leaving the planet unharmed, he expected 10% of the In Purgatio Lumen’s crew to be turned over to him as slaves, at which point he would leave the system.

Unwilling to consider this offer, but determined to unravel what was going on with their host’s decidedly un-Orky behaviour, Jequin Hos and Navigator Maturinus engaged the Warboss in conversation, while Explorator Felicis attempted to surreptitiously approach the Cogitators to regain control of the station. Though the Warboss saw through their deception, Captain Hos had studied his opponent in return and realised that his behaviour was consistent with the hated Dark Eldar.

With that, a burst of energy struck the captain full in the chest, knocking him down to the ground. At the same time, two Wychs and their leader burst from the air vents, slaying most of the Orks still in the room before turning on the Explorers, and two more warriors dettached from the shadows at the other end and began laying down devastating fire from their xenos weaponry. Although the Explorers managed to overcome the Wychs in combat with them, it was not until Barka “lost control” of his powers and summoned a horde of squigs directly around the now clearly disguised Warboss that the tide began to turn. Although the tiny Orkish creatuers would not do much on their own, Astropath Eckhart managed to psychically blind the Xenos, rendering him helpless against the tiny creatures’ attacks, eventually reuslting in his death. With both of their leaders fallen, the two surviving Warriors disappeared from the station’s bridge. For a full account of this battle refer to the Navigator Secundarius’ personal log.

With the Station now under their control, the Dynasty now had to deal with a station of Orks who were desperate to begin an invasion of the planet below. Normal attempts to persuade had failed and all seemed lost, when Astropath Eckhart managed to delude Kap’n Chaintusk into giving the order to pursue the Dark Eldar instead of invading the planet. In the confusion, Explorator Felicis managed to gain control of the station and vent its atmosphere, killing all of the Orks aboard except for Chaintusk, Barka and his Minderz, and an immature Ork whose life had been saved by Felicis during the fight. Recoiling in horror as he was bashing the Vox system, Chaintusk was tricked into thinking that he was the one who had killed the Orks on the station and that the Dynasty would hide it from the others as long as he pledged loyalty to the Dynasty.

Pursuing the few Dark Eldar who survived and fled, the Lumen and Da Ship Eata came across the docking bay for the powerful Dark Eldar Cruiser that was evacuating the Eldar Homunculus and the remaining Eldar. Although their leadership was destroyed, the Cruiser put up an impressive showing against the Dynasty, almost able to overwhelm the Lumen itself. However, eager to reclaim his honour Kap’n Chaintusk ordered scores of Orks into boarding torpedos, and the demoralized the Dark Eldar fell victim to the Orkish Horde’s assaults. Attempts to replenish their crew through boarding actions were repelled due to the Hossian Regiments on board, and Sergeant Tollak’s Iron Hound mercenaries. With the boarders wiping out the crew and completely destroying the cruiser’s ability to maneuver, they turned into easy prey for the Dynasty. In the end, although damaged it was the repeated depressurization and Orkish boarding parties that finally did in the Eldar vessel, as its xenos crew were slaughtered to an Eldar, leaving a wounded but triumphant Captain Hos to add the recovered treasure to his hold and yet another ship to his growing fleet…


Erathia Erathia

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