Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty

The First Bad Day

Wherein forces begin to move against the Dynasty

With the Grace Salvation Fleet firmly ensconced in orbit around of Grace, the Hos Dynasty decided that engaging in a protracted battle would be against their interest. Thus with a triumphant message broadcast to the fleet in orbit, Captain Hos turned to depart back to Imperial Space with their prize. Communication from the salvation fleet came from Angelus Fabrizio, who warned the departing Captain that anything taken from Grace would be subject to retribution from Aspyce Chorda. Informing them that their salvage was at the behest of the Ventan Iron Hounds, Captain Fabrizio responded that the Iron Hounds were not to be trusted, nor could their claim necessarily be universally respected.

While leaving, Astropath Eckhart and Explorator Felicis came up with a plan to leave taunting messages for Krawkin Feckward; informing him of the Dynasty’s knowledge that he had hired Kroot mercenaries to try and assassinate them, and it did not work. Meanwhile, Captain Hos learned that his Jokaero had somehow modified the data slate that was given to him previously, and its function was unknowable at this time. Although it was cleared by Explorator Felicis and his much less helpful assistant, the captain refrained from experimenting with it at this time.

Transitioning into the warp, it was decided that Navigator Maturinus would pilot The Widening Gyre due to his prior exposure to its Warp Taint, and Navigator Dionisio would pilot the In Purgatio Lumen to the general terror of all. Despite a mildly disturbing journey, the Lumen made its usual speedy time back to Footfall without issue, and transitioned in safely. During this time, the Dynasty became aware that their Jokaero passenger was tinkering with the power conduits inside of the ship, and despite the creature’s elusiveness Captain Hos was slowly wearing down its ability to hide.

The goals for the Dynasty were to check in on the sale of goods from the Emperor’s Bounty, attempt to contact the Adeptus Mechanicus regarding the sale of the Promise of Agony and get the Jokaero to stop tinkering with their ship. Visiting Sophie Albor, they discussed the upcoming sale of goods from the Bounty, and they were informed that Leopold Phipps and the Abs Innocentina would soon be arriving with the last of the salvage. Discussing the possiblity of selling the equipment from the Promise of Agony, they were reminded of the Emporium’s policy of selling collections, not individual items.

Artifex Felicis sent a message to the Adeptus Mechanicus station in close-orbit over Furibundus, and while waiting decided to contact Gadgia Dale hoping that she could be persuaded to bring her fighter on board the Lumen so that the Jokaero could be tempted into improving it for her. Unfortunately at the asteroid races, they were informed that she had been killed in a tragic training accident a week and a half ago. Suspecting foul play, especially on the part of Hadarak Fel, Captain Hos attempted to query the guard on question while Astropath Eckhart probed his mind for clues as to what had happened. Shockingly, the guard seemed aware of what Eckhart was attempting, and a fierce standoff ensued between their armed forces and the Dynasty and their honour guard. The situation was resolved when Captain Hos purchased the remains of Gadgia’s fighter, but for breaking the unwritten rule of the Asteroid Races, they received a lifetime ban from the event.

Hurt and confused by the death of his racing partner, Explorator Felicis demanded to begin work on the wreckage to find out what had happened. With nothing else to do for the time being, Captain Hos, Astropath Eckhart and Navigator Dionisio went to dine at Liege’s Court with Tanthus Moross once more. Again the Astropath’s culinary prowess was on display, as he managed to successfully eat some sort of unusual psycho-active creature, and impressed the obscenely corpulent liege into granting him one as a souvenier. Captain Hos meanwhile met a woman who had sent him a message as they approached the system, a Madam Charabelle. Following the sight of the Liege stuffing entire cakes down his throat, the two Rogue Traders initially adjourned to a private smoking room, but as Madam Charabelle figured that they were being listened on, agreed to meet privately later.

Back at the ship, Felicis confirmed that Gadgia’s fighter was indeed sabotaged, and outraged he departed for Footfall in a furious effort to gather information, which was unfortunately thwarted by his inability to know how to do anything of the sort. At the dawn of the day, he received an appointment to meet with the Mechanicus in their station in orbit in the Furibundus system. A shuttle took him to the secretive temple deep in the sun’s gravity well, where he met Magos Commodore Gnothis Trannarch. Managing to charm the ancient Tech-Priest, a feat not easily accomplished, he secured a promise of ample compensation by the Mechanicus for the coordinates to the Dark Eldar Cruiser, which the Explorator happily provided. Their business concluded, the Magos swiftly yet efficiently left, and Felicis departed back to the Lumen.

Meanwhile, the Lord Captain was delighted to see the arrival of the Abs Innocentina and Seneschal Phipps, who could help replenish their lost crew. Unfortunately this elatement lasted mere minutes, as during his report Phipps mentioned that he had indeed sent a message coded with the Captain’s cypher as was instructed. Having sent no such instruction nor message, Captain Hos was furious and demanded answers to this breach of security. Mind-probing both the Seneschal and Astropath Poe, Astropath Eckhart concluded that the message was sent probably back to Thracia Prime, at the request of one of Captain Hos’ siblings for their own inscrutable purposes. Betrayed and infuriated, Captain Hos demanded a shut down of all messages and a complete inspection of his vessel, and realised that he still had to find replacement crew and wait for his Navigator to arrive and sell the Dark Eldar vessel, and stop a Jokaero from sabotaging his ship, and then all of this was compounded by a message from Commander Daniel Keel, saying that the topic of their meeting was now urgent, and if the Captain did not act his colony world of Svard would be lost – a colony world that the Captain and Phipps both knew nothing about!

With revelations and betrayals and meetings swirling everywhere, the Captain was given yet another message saying that the comely Madam Charabelle had arrived for their meeting… unless now was a bad time.


Erathia Erathia

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