Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty

Let's go Meet the Neighbours

Wherein the Dynasty lances its problems away.

Following the unexpected attack of Benetek’s Device, Navigator Maturinus awoke confused, but apparently unharmed. Submitting himself to the medical scans of Salamar Morestran, he could find no obvious signs of injury with the Navigator – although his unusual physiology made that diagnosis less than completely guaranteed. Worried about the worm however, he decided to move his quarters to be closer to Astropath Poe and her Choir for emergencies. Despite Astropath Eckhart’s beliefs that he could provide better protection than the Choir, the Navigator’s mind was set and he repositioned himself for his safety – and potentially the safety of the rest of the crew.

With the In Purgatio Lumen still undergoing repairs in the Svard system and the In Obscurum Veritas still waiting to arrive in system, the crew had some time to make a few long delayed acquisitions. With Leopold Phipps having arrived with the Under Wry Beginnings, his superior commerce skills aided the Dynasty in locating several key pieces of technology – though none as exciting as the Best Quality Resolution Arena given to the Wry Beginnings to facilitate trade and provide some entertainment for the crew during their downtime.

Eventually it was time to get down to business. The Veritas along with Explorator Felicis and Arch-Militant Caine arrived in system, and it was time for the Dynasty to consider its next move. With rumours of pirates operating nearby, the Lumen and the Veritas decided to go and explore in search of this potential threat to Svard. With the Wry Beginnings not viewed as needed for this mission Phipps was instead ordered to fulfill the outstanding request from Kadin Hopko and transport his shipment of arms to the war world of Seldon’s Folly.

Though The Cauldron was a vast region of space, Captain Hos and Navigator Maturinus combined their knowledge to find the most likely system for pirates to base themselves out of – the Inti System. Purchasing some Warp Routes from the Navigator Houses contracted by Navigator Dionisio, Captain Hos decided to chart a clockwise-path around the Cauldron to reach Inti by the known warp routes, and then make an uncharted jump back to Svard to finish the “path”. Although normally Warp Travel has been very smooth for the Dynasty, when travelling with an escort the powers of Navigator Maturinus were somewhat blunted, and the travel was rougher than they were used to. Fires broke out on the ship, a piece of the warp impacted the hull and a brief burst of madness caused the crew to turn on each other. Truly, it spoiled their tradition of a relaxing tea time during warp travel.

Difficulties aside, the transition to the Inti system was as smooth as can be expected. As a precautionary measure, Captain Hos ordered the Veritas to enter silent running, and follow in its wake in an attempt to confound enemy sensors. The first order of business was to check the massive gas giant on the fringes of the system, as well as its moons. The first two moons were a lifeless hunk of rock, and a highly radioactive moon that did not appear to have any items of interest. Scans by Void Mistress Nichols indicated that the third moon had a powered STC Space Station in orbit. As there was still some distance, Captain Hos ordered the Lumen to also be put on Silent Running, and they would attempt to coast in undetected until they were at nominal weapons range.

Unfortunately this plan did not work, as when they powered back up their sensors and drives, they found their ship surrounded by a half-dozen vessels. Silbannacus Jacobus, the so-called “admiral” of the attacking fleet, hailed the Lumen and demanded its surrender, stating that it was outnumbered and outflanked. The Admiral unfortunately let it slip that their scans had only detected the Lumen, and the plan to mask the Veritas had been a success. After offering to accept the Pirates’ surrender, the battle was joined.

Rounding on the two Raiders in their flank, the pair of Cruisers managed to heavily damage one and cripple the others. As the surviving vessels closed, the mighty lance of the Lumen swung around and targeted the closest Frigate with their lance battery. The strike was as effective as could be hoped, puncturing the warp drive of the Frigate and opening up a momentary breach in the Warp, into which Jacobus was sucked into the Warp, his screams only briefly audible before being silenced forever. The two surviving Frigates attempted a retreat, whereas the still functional Raider surrendered to the Dynasty.

Augustus Herst, captain of the surrendered Raider was all too happy to throw his support behind the Hos Dynasty and happily filled them in on the results of the system. The STC Station was discovered by “Admiral” Jacobus and had been used to finance his piratical endeavours. With him gone, the station and its contents were turned over to the Dynasty, and could now be sold for massive profit.

The true wealth in the system came from a realisation by Captain Hos that the pair of planets in the Primary Biosphere were both rich and life-supporting, and would be valuable to the Magos Biologis, and perhaps help patch up the strained relations following the loss of Kybu earlier. During their survey of the two planets the badly damaged second raider also surrendered during this time, and accompanied the Dynasty back to Svard for repairs. The Veritas remained behind to repair the damaged raider, as well as catalogue the available Archeotech and search for the two escaped Frigates if possible.

Negotiations with Magos Isabella Stein of the Mechanicus were initially tense, as the Mechanicus would bear the brunt of the research and setup costs, but she seemed open enough to the idea of exploring the system for herself and evaluating the potential benefit of an alliance. With her in tow, the Lumen made an independent warp jump back to the system – this time easily accomplished with Maturinus free to navigate at his own pace – and the Dynasty prepared to once more expand its borders and influence…


Erathia Erathia

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