Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty

Claiming the Emperor's Bounty

Wherein some things do not die, and others die too easily.

Following the previous adventure, Navigator Maturinus was face-to-face with the former captain of the Emperor’s Bounty, who although appearing as dead and dessicated as his crew, he still possessed some wild spark of vitality with which he confronted the Explorers. A few potshots from Arch-Militant Caine failed to pierce whatever shield surrounded the command throne. The captain did nothing but rant and demand the Explorers leave his ship, and was generally unresponsive to external influence. At least until Jequin Hos pulled out his Writ of Salvage and proved that the Battlefleet had granted him control of the Bounty.

At which point with a mighty roar, Navigator Maturinus sensed warp energy leak from the command throne, and the formerly dead crew started to rise again. Their bodies were weak and infirm, and most blasts from the Death Bastards would drop them again, but somehow their injuries would repair themselves and they would just keep coming. Although the Explorers were not in danger in any individual sense, it quickly became apparent that the dead crew would just keep regenerating and wear them down through attrition. Jequin Hos and Arch-Militant Caine continued to pound at the shield, but were unable to penetrate it. It was only through describing it to Explorator Felicis that they realised somehow the ship’s Gellar Field had been routed around the Command Throne, trapping the captain inside. Whatever override was occurring was periodically fading though, allowing brief snippets of power to escape and reanimate the crew.

The husks that were attacking the Explorers were just starting to wear them down when Explorator Felicis and Astropath Eckhart arrived on the scene with a relief crew. Managing to get the door to the bridge open, the fresh soldiers stormed in, with Astropath Eckhart using his Force weapon to banish one of the puppets back to the warp. Furious, the captain managed to remove whatever shield was around him, and waded into single combat. The full force of his terrifying demonic presence overwhelmed most of the crew, leaving Rogue Trader Hos to face down the beast alone. The Captain was armed with naught but his fists, but surrounded with the baleful energies he proved formidable. However with some covering fire from Zacharya Caine and Astropath Eckhart arriving to pin down the captain, Captain Hos managed to slay the warp-infused Captain and claim the ship for his own.

Explorator Felicis managed to remove the power to the locks on the main cargo hold, and the Explorers were free to claim their treasure. And it was indeed a mighty treasure; the hold filled to the brim with loot plundered from the Bounty’s decades of conquest in the Koronus Expanse. After some debate, the Explorers decided to take as much as they could hold back to Footfall, sell what they could and hire someone trustworthy to come and salvage the ship itself. Unfortunately, a xenos vessel was detected in system by Josette Nichols, who quickly summoned the explorers back to the In Purgatio Lumen for combat.

Despite opening up as peaceful a diplomatic channel as any man in the Imperium can be capable of, the vessel immediately launched boarding torpedos and began an assault on the Explorers. Fortunately, some superb piloting and outstanding gunnery quickly brought the vessel to destruction. However a lone shuttle survived and managed to board the Lumen, and despite hopes of capturing a specimen for study, the invaders were found to possess a powerful suicide device that made such a thing impossible.

With the xenos ship destroyed and the Bounty somewhat secured, the Explorers returned to Footfall to begin selling their loot. However, Navigator Maturinus has noticed that Benetek’s Device appears to now be following him, although no one else has witnessed this…


Erathia Erathia

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