Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty

A Cornucopia of Xenos Races

Wherein a Dark Eldar vessel contains Xenos a-plenty.

Following the defeat of the Dark Eldar on board the Promise of Agony, Lord Captain Jequin Hos decided that this was a new vessel to be claimed in the name of his Dynasty. Heavily injured by his fight with Findecano Calefas, Captain Hos elected to merely send a boarding party over and secure the vessel. Despite the complete slaughter of the Dark Eldar, Void Mistress Nichols reported that the Orks aboard the vessel were diminishing. Although this was put down to Orkish exuberance, their resident Orkish Expert eloquently described through a series of monosyllable words that this was not expected behaviour for their race. The Void Mistress also identified two anomolous life signs that did not correspond to either Eldar or Ork aboard the vessel.

With First Officer Eckhart leading the boarding action, a combination of Hos Dynasty troops and Ventan Iron Hounds secured one of the Eldar landing bays. Shortly after their arrival, they were confronted by one of the Orkish boarders who appeared maddened beyond reason – even for an Ork. However, this Ork was no match for the massed firepower and was quickly felled by las and bolter fire. The two life signs were identified up near the bridge and down by the slave quarters inside the vessel, resulting in the two groups splitting up. Eckhart, Barka Squigcalla and the Dynasty troops went towards the bridge, while Navigator Maturinus and the Iron Hounds went down towards the slave quarters.

En route to both locations, the two groups would run into isolated Orks who seemed bent on unthinking destruction, but would be easily cut down. Signs of a massed battle between Eldar forces, human slaves and Orkish berserkers littered the corridors, but there were no signs of any survivors apart fro mthe random Ork marauders. The Hos Dynasty troops eventually identified a mysterious gas being piped through the ventilation system, that was hypothesized to be On board the bridge, Astropath Eckhart discovered the corpse of a Dark Eldar Homunculus, and a mysterious cat-like creature. Identifying the creature as some sort of latent psychic, the Astropath was unable to make friends with as Barka attempted normal Orkish pet-training tacitcs, which terrified the creature into fleeing into the ventilation shaft. Unable to locate any sort of recognisable technology, the Astropath ordered his group to meet up with the Astropath.

The area near the slave quarters turned out to be some sort of unusual pharmaceutical complex that housed a variety of Dark Eldar toxins and poisons, as well as the facilities for which to grow them. There was also a simian-like creature standing guard over a mysterious tank, who appeared to collapse from exhaustion and damage inside the pod. Although the Navigator Secundarius and an accompanying Tech-Priest accompanying them was able to identify the toxin in the atmosphere was probably produced here, they were unable to find the part that was connecting to the filtration system. Unfortunately a piece of corroborating evidence was Weirdboy Squigcalla falling victim to the toxin in the air and going berserk, necessitating him to be knocked unconscious by his Minderz, and a series of lasgun stocks to the face. With enough Xenos technology and a reasonably secure ship, Lord Captain Hos and Artifex Felicis boarded to secure the vessel.

Whatever was affecting the Orks continued to spread amongst the Orks on board however. Void Mistress Nichols detected that left unchecked they may tear the vessel apart. Enough of their Orkish instinct that they would congregate to a sufficiently loud noise or event on board. While waiting for the captain to plan their next move, Navigator Maturinus entered the slave quarters to see if any human lives could be saved, but tragically the Slaves who had not joined the Dark Eldar as cannon fodder appeared to have been cut down in their cells where they stood. The Navigator also came across the mysterious Xenos creature from the bridge, but once he rejoined the others and it saw the Ork from before it fled in terror.

The Lord Captain and Chief Explorator finally arrived onboard, along with a hastily assembled honour guard led by Dalia Gour and equipped with the Heltor Honour Blades for protection. These were more than sufficient to deal with the Orks encountered, although the Lord Captain also encountered the cat-creature, which he identified as a Gyrinx and submitted to its psychic bonding. The captain’s incredible knowledge of Xenos species and technology was also able to identify the second creature as a Jokaero, and the device he submerged himself in as an advanced Recovery Chamber used by the Dark Eldar to restore their victims who had been accidentally tortured to death. With the various boarding parties reconvened, a two-fold plan was devised. Captain Hos and Explorator Felicis would head to the Eldar Engine room to disable whatever was pumping into the ship’s atmosphere. The Astropath would lead the bulk of the forces to the landing bay and generate enough noise to draw the Orks there to be finished off once and for all.

The plan went off almost flawlessly. Heading to the Engine room, he identified a strange device hooked up to what was presumably an air conditioning unit that Explorator Felicis was able to disable, freeing the ship from its deadly contamination. Astropath Eckhart and his troops, as well as Severian Tollak and the Iron Hounds set up in the firing bay and with overlapping lines of fire slaughtered the Orks suffering only minimal casualties. With all hostile Xenos races defeated, the Hos Dynasty was well and truly able to claim the Eldar vessel as their prize.

The next stop was to find The Widening Gyre and lay claim to the reason that they had come to the Grace sector in the first place. With the Eldar dead and the surviving Orks still loyal to the Dynasty, what further problems could present themselves?


Erathia Erathia

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