Welcome to The Hos Dynasty

A game of shameless side-questing, in-depth discussions on the intricacies of setting up trade routes, overly prepared plot points that are blindly side-stepped and swearing blood oaths of vengeance against people for stealing salvage.

When Jequin Hos was faced with the option of which of his siblings to support in the claim for rights to his Dynasty, he examined his brothers and sisters and concluded that the most qualified person was himself. Daring to succeed where his family had failed in the past, he took his family flagship and set off for the Koronus Expanse – one of the last untamed frontier areas in the galaxy where he would make his fortune and cement his claim to the family Dynasty, or return home and face the consequences of his ambition proved wrong.

Armed with naught but the finely tailored clothes on his back, the galaxy’s most curmudgeonly 28-year-old Navigator and his much-less competent boss, a Tech-Priest who looks and acts like an aloof planetary governor, a first-officer Astropath with enough skeletons in his closet for a Dark Eldar citadel, a security chief who grew up on a world where politeness was outlawed, a small town’s population serving as fanatically loyal crew members for his awesomely destructive void ship and enough wealth to maybe purchase two or three colony worlds – a pittance really, the Hos Dynasty has set out for fame and fortune in the Koronus Expanse!

To date they have faced down the brutal savagery of the Orks, the sadistic condescension of the Dark Eldar, the ravaging hatred of the Rak’Gol, would-be Kroot assassins, the corrupting influence of the Yu’Vath and truly taxing dinner parties with various other Rogue Traders. They have also realised that Warp Travel is apparently completely safe and a nice break from their otherwise hectic lives.

The Dynasty’s expansions around The Cauldron could not go unchecked forever however, and they have been recognised as a growing threat by Calligos Winterscale, the dominant power inside of the Expanse. Forced into a war they did not want, the Dynasty now finds itself challenged by Eldar, heretics and the forces loyal to the Emperor himself. With such odds ranged against them, they’ve barely had time to bankrupt any planets, and now face a war for their continued survival.

This adventure is a spiritual continuation of our last campaign: Dark Heresy – Ordo Portis

Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty

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