Unlocked Elite Advances


This page is meant to track the unlocked “Elite Advances” available to all players, as well as the reasoning behind when and how you got them. If you think your character deserves a specific Advance please feel free to talk to me about it. You may purchase these abilities for the price listed here for your character. If you already have access to the Advance listed here at your current level of Experience, you may buy it at the price here if it’s cheaper, or if it isn’t cheaper you may buy it with a 50% discount from your career path.

Unlocked Advances.

  • Scrutiny
    • Cost: 250 XP
    • Reasoning: I don’t care what the book says, you guys are big-time Rogue Trader crew members. Act like it!
  • Command
    • Cost: 350 XP
    • Reasoning: You guys are also in charge. Act like it!
  • Common Lore (Orks)
    • Cost: 250 XP
    • Reasoning: You’ve killed a whole bunch, have a PC on board who is one and are allied with a Frigate of them. You’ve picked up a few things.
  • Diplomacy
    • Cost: 250 XP
    • Requirements: Fellowship 40
  • Diplomacy +10
    • Cost: 350 XP
    • Requirements: Fellowship 50, Charm, Deceive, Diplomacy
  • Diplomacy +20
    • Cost: 450 XP
    • Requirements: Fellowship 60, Charm +10, Deceive +10, Diplomacy +10
  • Jaded
    • Cost: 350 XP
    • Reasoning: You walked through the halls of the Promise of Agony which was littered with the bodies of humans, Orks and Eldar alike. Also it was a Dark Eldar ship which is not stable at the best of times. This may have changed you.
  • Paranoia
    • Cost: 250 XP
    • Reasoning: Everyone keeps trying to kill you, or is revealed to have more going on than at first appearance. Gotta stay on your toes.

Unlocked Elite Advances

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