The Shard Halo Ambush

Report on the Action of 025.826.M41 at the ‘Shard Halo’ in the Magoros System

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : 8jkvJbed-Z5FU-TtVZ-nzcM-auW7Aszwjk4S


The In Purgatio Lumen was in orbit around the Shard Halo in the Magoros System waiting for the claimant party with Lord-Captain Hos and a number of the inner council fighting against and unholy regenerating crew of the deathless Captain Janrak Spargan. It was at this time that an unidentified xenos ship slipped into the system and attempted to surprise the In Purgatio Lumen. The quick thinking Lady of the Augurs, Officer Nichols, yet again found an enemy before the trap could be sprung. She quickly notified the Inner Council which swiftly returned to the ship.

The Battle

The In Purgation Lumen was in a tough spot, with many of the ‘Halo Shard’ Astroid Belt blocking movement in coordinate directions 1342.3405.9742 to 1094.6890.7422 restricting the movement of the ship. As well the xenos light cruiser type vessel had an excellent view of the aft of the In Purgatio Lumen. Lord-Captain Hos attempted to hail the xenos vessel to show the God-Emperors noble intention in this sector. They responded by firing torpedoes.

Then Navigator Maturinus was able to skillfully turn the ship while it had almost no speed and move parallel to a portion of the ‘Shard Halo.’ And then Lord Hos inspired Arch-Militant Caine’s firing the Las Batteris at the torpedos heading towards us, as their homing capabilities were unknown at this time. Again Caine proved his deadly shot and eliminated all of the torpedos in a hail of lasfire.

The xenos craft continued to bear down upon our ship, continuously firing torpedoes as it headed through the void. Thankfully the second volley proved as effective as the first, flying high and skimming the spires of the Lance Battery. Although the Howler-type macrocannons penetrated the void shields, they failed to inflict any lasting harm against the vessel. This technology was identified by Lord-Captain Hos as being similar to that carried by the Stryxis, but this did not match the xenos vessel’s configuration.

The Navigator gave up the wheel-house to Midshipman Bligh, and then peered into the Warp-Drive of the enemy ship and read the reflection of there intent in the Warp and sent this information to the Lance Battery under Militant Caine. In addition Captain Hos taunted the xenos ship and told them to prepare “For the purging light of the Emperor.” Artifex Felicis helped the machine cogitators acquire the xenos target, while the First-Officer Astropath watched the Lance Battery streak across the expanse between the ships.

And the Lance Battery shot was mighty. Ripping massive wholes in the unknown xenos vessel. It was reported on augurs that many parts of the ship we depressurized and that crew were floating out into the darkness of the void, to a cold death, and the enemy’s torpedo bay was damaged and in need of desperate repairs. The damaged ship then made a desperate run at the In Purgatio Lumen, attempting to ram the ship. It seemed that the ships would crash and board, until Navigator Marturinus adeptly moved the ship out of the path of the xenos ship.

Then In Purgatio Lumen then moved into an excellence firing position, and with Marturinus aiding Militant Caine, and Hos aiding Felicis the Lance and Las broadside opened the furry of the Emperor onto the pitifully wounded xenos ship. Its xenos plasma drive predictably failed and engulfed the ship in an explosion sending shards of the ship hurtling through space.

A small vessel attempted to board. It was easily repulsed by Astropath Eckhart and the crew. Although Hos attempted to capture one of the Denis specimens alive (as they were not Stryxis as he had suspected) he could not. They were embedded with some kind of suicide vest to prevent capture.

Casualties for the crew were estimated at around 2,000. The Denis vessel was about the tonnage of a light cruiser and it is estimated that about 70,000 Denis perished. A complete victory for the Hos Dynasty.

Lady of the Augurs Nichols, should be commended again for her excellent awareness of the situation. In addition I should commend Militant Caine’s excellent shooting.

The Denis appeared to be 8 legged half man half spider-like beast. Lord Hos an expert on Denis affairs has not claimed to have heard of a species like this. It is unfortunate that we could not capture one in any state as they all were armed with suicide implants that reduced the bodies to ash.

The Shard Halo Ambush

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